Impulse Purchases from the Thrift Store

    Over the last year, I have considerably stopped buying from fast fashion. I went to the mall yesterday because I needed some underwear (tmi?). I haven’t found an ethical option for this type of clothing! But I found myself browsing stores I used to shop at reguarly and couldn’t bring myself to try anything on nonetheless purchase anything!

    I’ll still occasionally pick something up from Target or something but it’s often somewhat of an impulse buy (unless it’s a pair of shoes..), which as I’m sure most of you can understand, I end up regretting. The same thing happens to me on occasion when I go to the thrift store. I’ll see something I think I can pull off and in reality, I really can’t. Or in the most recent past, I have picked up thing and realize they have a hole or stain UGH. That is the worst. I’m even thinking about making a video of thrifting mistakes I’ve made. But this dress is NOT one of those mistakes!

    I used to go to a thrift store in Little Rock where they oftentimes had sales where everything was $1! So I would grab everything I liked (or that I could sell) and only spent around $12 – $15 without even trying it on! This dress was one of those purchases. It didn’t have a size tag or anything but I just grabbed it because it is so beautiful. I never tried on these items because they were so cheap and figured it wasn’t much of a gamble if something didn’t fit.

    And turns out, it fits me perfectly. Sometimes impulse purchases end up working out for the best! I feel an insane amount of guilt when I buy fast fashion and then I never wear it but with thrift store finds, while the guilt is still there, it’s not as bad. I can normally end up selling it or donating it back it for someone else to discover it!

    I am really trying to shop more consciously and only purchase something if I really like it but sometimes I think it is okay to pick up a gamble from the thrift store! It’s fun and shouldn’t we have fun while we try and be more ethical consumers?


    What I’m wearing: Dress (thrifted) Shoes: Kohl’s

    Do you make impulse purchases?

    Let me know in the comments!

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    Designer Finds from the Thrift Store


    Before I get onto the topic of this post… I am going to put it out there. I failed my capsule wardrobe. Everything I’m wearing is a new addition to my closet. WOOPS! I’ll talk about why I failed in a later post but onto today’s post…

    I’ve only found a designer thrift find a handful of times. One time I didn’t pick it up because it wasn’t my size and one time I didn’t pick it up because I just didn’t like it (and it was in poor condition). But there is something so magical about when you find a designer thrift find that is in good condition and in your size. It’s happened to me once before – a beautiful peplum top from Phillip Lim (see here). I still have that top and wear it quite frequently.

    One of my newest thrift finds is something I have been hoping to find but never thought I would… designer shoes! As I mentioned before I have incredibly small feet. I (on average) wear a size 2 in kid sizes! But I was at a local thrift store a few weeks ago and stumbled upon these absolutely stunning Ferragamo shoes. They were a marked up a little bit but also 25% off! so I hastily tried them on and thought they were a little snug but decided to pick them up anyways as they look like they have hardly been worn.


    They are a beautiful suede material with some espadrille details on the soles. They were a little snug at first and, not gonna lie, super uncomfortable! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to wear them but after a few wears (and some band-aids) later they fit perfectly! I can’t wait to wear them during the fall with some jeans.



     But they also work perfectly with the newest denim dress! My dear friend Maddie was selling this dress on Vinted and graciously gifted it to me for my birthday. It’s originally from Madewell, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. I can definitely see this dress becoming a staple in the fall with some tights and a cardigan!


    My bag was also a birthday gift. I needed a new purse and I am absolutely in love with this one! It’s a great size if you don’t need to bring many things around and in the most beautiful rust shade!



    Dress: Thrifted (Similar) Shoes: Thrifted Bag: Anthropologie

    Have you found anything designer at the thrift store?

    Let me know in the comments!

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    Milk Makeup Review: Mascara and Lipstick

    Milk Makeup Review

    Milk makeup has been hitting the beauty world by storm lately and as I am *slowly* transitioning to cruelty-free I wanted to see what it was all about.

    I recently picked up the Birchbox exclusive Milk makeup A-game Set. It’s currently only $5 for two lipsticks and a mascara! So today I thought I’d do a little review of the products and if I think they are worth the full price (lipsticks and mascaras are around $20 full price!). If anything, I’d get a Birchbox for the deals!! They are always having sales of full size (and sample products), which is why I picked up this set!

    Milk Makeup Review

    Milk Makeup Review


    Like I mentioned, I got two mini versions of the Demi-matte lipstick. I got a nude color and a bright red shade. In all honesty, I don’t think the red suits me very well. It is a creamy finish though, which is nice.

    The nude shade is much more my color. It’s a pinky nude that is easy to apply. I find it just gives my lips a “your-lips-but-better” color. It does get stuck to some dry patches but that is nothing you can’t fix without applying lip balm!

    Overall though, I’m not sure I’d pay $20 for either of them. I’m still looking for a cheaper nude lipstick that is cruelty-free but this one is a good start! But I also think if I wore lipstick wearer every day I’d feel different about the price. It’s a comfortable lipstick but let’s be real, I just don’t wear lipstick enough to pay full price! But the mini size is perfect for me (and perfect handbag size!).
    Milk makeup review



    Now the mascara is a different story…

    I LOVE IT!

    That may seem a bit extreme but this mascara is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for in a cruelty-free product! This mascara has a really interesting applicator that I find really helps lengthen and define my lashes while not leaving them clumpy. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, which is always a bonus! It’s a very natural mascara but I’ve found if you layer it you can get quite a dramatic look if that is something you”re looking for!

    When my mini mascara runs out I will definitely be purchasing the full-size (even if it is a bit pricey!!).

    Milk makeup review

    Have you tried any Milk makeup?
    Let me know in the comments!

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    What I’ve Learned from my Capsule Wardrobe So Far

    I started a capsule wardrobe back in June. I’ve always been interested in having one but I knew it was something I wouldn’t want long term. I love thrifting and I have a lot of clothing. But in late June I moved across the country. I knew I’d be moving again in early September so I didn’t want to unpack everything just to have to pack it again in two months. But I thought I’d do a little recap of what I have learned from having a capsule wardrobe for the past month and a half or so.

    But Lee, What IS a capsule wardrobe?

    A friend of mine recently asked me what a capsule wardrobe is so I thought I’d do a small explanation of it! The Capsule Wardrobe was started in 2010 as Project 333, which mean you wear 33 items for 3 months and bo up the rest of your clothes. I actually just read the “rules” of this challenge and they are quite strict! But since then, tons of people have taken the “capsule wardrobe” approach to their clothing. So I thought with my move and everything it would be the perfect chance to try it out. I will say though when I really thought about it I have done the capsule wardrobe when living abroad! In college, I lived abroad for a semester and then a summer. Each time I only took a suitcase and a carry-on backpack with my personal items. So, in essence, I was completing this challenge without even realizing it! I think now it is just different because I do have a lot of clothes and am not living out of a suitcase.

    At first, I started off by making sure I had a set number of items. But in actuality, that didn’t work very well for me. I just needed everything to fit in a suitcase. The number didn’t really matter. I think I ended up with 30 or so pieces but I never made a final count. I made a video a few weeks back of everything in my capsule wardrobe with the number of items in each category but that was mostly so I could keep track of what I wore most (dresses!).  So if you’re thinking about a capsule wardrobe I wouldn’t limit yourself to a set number of items at first.

    Another way I haven’t been quite as rigid about my wardrobe is that I’ve switched things out in I wasn’t wearing them. Like I mentioned, I made a video (here) about what I was including in my capsule wardrobe. But I actually found I wasn’t wearing some of those items (i.e the black peplum top – turns out it was kind of sheer!!) and I’ve replaced it with other tops in my wardrobe that I like better.

    I have learned a lot when it comes to my wardrobe by having this “capsule wardrobe” though. I’m normally not one to wear basics (like this outfit here). What can I say – I love a good pattern! But this challenge has made me appreciate the simpler items in my closet more. I can definitely see the appeal of having a minimalistic wardrobe where everything goes with everything but I do think I’d get bored.

    Another thing I’ve learned that it is okay to still have patterns and colors in my wardrobe! All of the capsule wardrobes I see on blogs/youtube are almost monochromatic and I knew that isn’t what I wanted when I started this challenge. But as you saw in my last post, I love colors and patterns! I wasn’t ready to give that up just because I was creating a smaller wardrobe. So if you are starting a capsule wardrobe you can still incorporate everything you love! That is the whole purpose of it anyways.

    Overall, I have enjoyed having a capsule wardrobe but I am pretty excited to get back to all of my clothes! I love picking out my outfits in the morning and I really try and wear everything. But it’s been a good experiement and I still have some time left before the summer is over! Another challenge I think would be interesting for me is a “no spend month” as I still have been thrifting (mostly for my poshmark but some items for me!!).

    Have you tried a capsule wardrobe?

    Let me know in the comments!

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    How to Wear a Maxi Dress Casually

    Maxi dresses are often regarding as a more formal option – think of weddings, banquets, etc – that sort of thing. But I picked up this Maxi dress from Goodwill a few weeks ago and I knew I wanted to wear it casually. I also never thought at only 4’9″ I’d be wearing so many midi/maxi styles his summer but I can’t stop!

    It can easily be dressed up by throwing on some heels but I wanted to showcase that I can still wear this dress from day to day. So let’s move on to my top three tips for dressing down a maxi dress…


    My first tip for dressing down a maxi dress is to wear your hair in a simple ponytail. I find throwing my hair up in a relaxed bun or a simple ponytail instantly makes things more casual. I’m not saying you can’t make ponytails fancy but in this instant, just a simple ponytail will do.


    Throw on a pair of sneakers! If you haven’t noticed from my previous posts, I have been living in these sneakers all summer! They are just a class pair of white slip-on shoes from Target but I have seen them at all kinds of stores this summer!


    A denim jacket! I definitely couldn’t do that when I was shooting (100 degrees, y’all) but it is one of the best ways to make any outfit more casual. Maxi dresses and denim jackets are also a perfect transition to fall weather (which I’m not sure we will ever have… but I can dream). I have an oversized denim jacket I thrifted a couple of weeks ago and I love throwing it over a dress if it’s a cooler night.

    Do you wear maxi dresses casually?

    Let me know in the comments!

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