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    Simple Everyday Make-up


    Today I’m bringing my first Friday beauty post with my simple everyday make-up routine! I will preface in saying I am in no way a “beauty guru” but I enjoy it and I like wearing this simple look. So – if you’d like to see how I get this look keep on reading!

    First I take my Up and Up SPF facial moisturizer, which I’ve talked about before. Not too exciting of a step and then because it’s summer (and I just discovered this step) I add a primer. I’ve been using the Cover Outlast Primer, which I think works great! I’ve never used a primer before but this one really keeps my BB cream in place even when it’s 100 degrees outside. So as I’m sure you can guess – I add a BB cream. I’ve been using the Covergirl BB cream with SPF 21. I think it’s really nice for the summer time, with pretty minimal coverage so if you’re looking for high coverage this product isn’t it! but I think it’s a simple no fuss product. And yes, in the photo it doesn’t look like it’ll work for my skin tone but it does! I use light to medium right now because I’m outside a lot more. 

    After that I just add the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Creamy Natural. I used to use the translucent one but I like this one because it covers redness, which I definitely have a problem with. I then just add a litle bit of blush and I always use the Clinique all over color in 01 Peony. I’ve been looking for a drugstore dupe because I love that it’s a blush and very faint highlight but I haven’t found one yet – so if you have any suggestions let me know!

    After that I just take the Revealed 2 Palette by Coastal Scents and I’m using this shimmery brown shade all over my crease and lid. i do it pretty haphazardly because I find this shade to be pretty mess free and easy to work with. As for brushes I just use two Ecotools brushes – one is supposed to be for concealer and the fluffy one is an eyeshadow brush. I got both of them in a great set! 

    Then I’m just going to draw a thin line with my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner Pen, (i know – my eyeliner isn’t the best but what can ya do??) which I used to not enjoy but I have been reaching for it lately! Then I use my usual Clinique High Impact Mascara, which gives my lashes great volume and length! 

    I don’t always wear lipstick but for the sake of this post I thought I would! I chose a clinique lipstick in the shade Shy, which looks a lot darker than it really is! It’s actually very sheer and light – perfect for summer.

    And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this sumple everyday make up routine! 

    Let me know what you think in the comments below– 

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    Hello! I’m back with yet another outfit post! 

    I normally post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and occasionally on Thursday’s if I have a video) but tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! Wooo! So I thought I’d post my outfit today. 

    I’m thinking now that I’ve been really enjoying this I’m going to try and post two outfit posts a week (or something else fashion related) and one beauty post a week but we will see!

    Onto my outfit…

    I’ll definitely be the first admit it that I am not much of a crop top fan. I think other people can pull them off but not me! But I’ve been interested in trying them for a while now and I found this cute black one for only 1$ at the thrift store! I love thrifting because it allows me to try trends I don’t want to spend a ton of money on – like crop tops! They are half a shirt — why do I have to pay 20 dollars for one?? But what I really like about this top is the lace detail on the sleeves!

    As you can see… my skirt is also the perfect twirling skirt! I got it from Urban Outfitters probably a year ago but you can find the same skirt here for a lot less than what I paid (thanks vinted). My shoes are just plain black flats from Target that I’ve had for ages but they fit me perfectly! 

     As for make-up I decided to try something a little different than what I normally go for – a pink lipstick! I own quite a few but I never seem to wear them and I’m not sure why. I always feel like people are staring at me when I wear lipstick (which I know in reality they are not) but I really liked how it looked the other day. But that is it for my simple outfit and I hope you enjoyed this post!

    Let me know what you think in the comments!

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    The Perfect Floral Dress


    Today I’m bringing to you another outfit post! Despite the
    heat, I headed outside to a new location to shoot some photos. I really liked
    how they turned out.

    Everyone always says you need a little black dress in your
    wardrobe, which I think is true. But I also think you need a perfect floral
    dress! You’ll probably notice from outfit posts that I love a good floral pattern and this dress has the most adorable
    one! I had a meeting today so I decided to wear something a little nicer and
    this dress is always a safe choice.

    I actually got this dress at Nordstrom last summer during
    their huge sale (and I had a gift card!) and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by
    how versatile it is. I love that it has sleeves as well as a higher neckline.
    It’s perfect for almost any occasion! Plus, the pattern is just perfect.

    For my shoes I decided to wear some oxfords I thrifted last
    summer as well. I have very small feet so I was shocked that these fit me! I
    think they give this dress a nice Vintage feel as well, which is something I
    try and strive for.

    I also thrifted my necklace a long time ago. It’s absolutely
    my favorite necklace. I wear it constantly. I don’t really wear large statement
    necklaces but this one gives just enough of a statement to not be overwhelming.

    As for make-up I didn’t wear too much today, just a brown shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid, bb cream (whattup SPF!), blush and some mascara. I liked how simple this look is
    and I think it is becoming my everyday look.

    What is your go-to dress or pattern?

    Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

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    What’s in my Travel Make-up Bag / the Beach

    This post is something very different for my blog but I only
    just started so I thought I’d give it a try!

    Today I’ll be talking about what I brought in my beauty bag
    for a trip to the beach! And I’ll be honest I haven’t worn any make up during
    the day while here. It’s around 100 degrees F! It’s too hot to wear any sort of
    make-up and I think when I was packing I was a bit too optimistic about the
    heat. Plus I’ve been swimming and whatnot.

    I’ll start off with the bag I choose to bring. I think my
    mom gave me this make-up case from Clinique as one of her free gifts but I
    thought it was adorable and perfect for the summer! It is pretty large but
    since I wasn’t flying I didn’t have to bring all travel-sized products.

    For example, my daily moisturizer is quite a large product.
    It’s just a basic SPF daily moisturizer from the Target brand Up & Up. So
    it’s cheap and works really well! I find it to be very lightweight but still
    moisturizing and it doesn’t break me out at all! I also brought along a travel
    sized Clinique moisturizer for when I didn’t want something with SPF at night.
    This is not my favorite moisturizer by Clinique – I find it a bit sticky. But
    it was the travel size that lured me to bring it along.

    Next – the eyes. I was definitely a bit too optimistic with
    these products! I brought along a sample Clinique (so much Clinique! I don’t
    know why!) eyeshadow quad. I really like these three shades and I find them to
    be perfect for summer. The first lighter shade is a lot more of a champagne
    color than the photos might suggest but I think it is perfect for summer! This
    quad is also perfect because it comes with a blush! So convenient.

    I also brought along a Maybelline Master Precise liquid
    eyeliner pen. I really enjoy wearing eyeliner but it just melts off my face at
    the beach so I haven’t worn it at all. I really haven’t worn it at all this
    summer. I also brought along my trusty Clinique High Impact Mascara. It’s
    expensive but it doesn’t irritate my eyes and gives my lashes length and

    As for brushes I stuck with my three Ecotools brushes I use
    everyday (well everyday I wear make up!). The first is a big powder brush,
    which normally I use for powder but I also use it for blush. The second is for
    eyeshadow and the third is supposedly a concealer brush but I just use it for
    eyeshadow all over my lid.

    For my lips I kept things light with a few different
    chapstick options. One is just the normal moisturizing chapstick brand and
    another is Burt’s Bees. I also put in a few Maybelline Baby Lips if I wanted
    some color on my lips but nothing heavy. And I added my Nyx butter gloss in
    “Strawberry parfait” from my Taget beauty box just if I felt so inclined!

    I also brought along 2 Essie nail polishes. I brought along
    the lavender (full steam ahead) because that was the color that was on my nails
    and also a bright orange (Vermillionaire) in case I wanted to paint my

    Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to hear if you’re going on any vacations soon! Or what products you’d bring to the beach?



    The Kimono


    Yesterday it wasn’t too hot out (ok 89 degrees) so I decided to try out my beautiful new kimono! I tried to take photos outside but turns out – it was still just as hot! So this is the only shot I got outside.

     I’ve never worn a kimono before because I always thought it looked like a bathrobe but I saw this one on vinted and I couldn’t say no! If you haven’t heard of vinted it’s like an online thrift store where you can buy, sell, and swap your used clothing! I love vinted because you can swap items you’re selling, which is what I did for this piece. This kimono was NEW WITH TAGS from Target and because I swapped it was only 3 dollars.

     I paired the kimono with a dress I thrifted last fall originally from TOPSHOP! It is the first casual white dress I’ve owned and I have to say I love it.

    For the shoes I decided on a pair of sandals from Target (of course!) but they’ve got the cutest amount of fringe on them. I just think they are really flattering on my feet. 

    My necklace was also from the thrift store and I thought it just added a nice touch to the outfit. 

    Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!