Beating the Heat


    Welcome back. Today I decided to take my photos outside…. but I ended up regretting that very quickly. It is boiling down here but at least I got some okay shots. I will definitely be heading outside to photograph from now on even though I can’t stand the heat!

    I decided to keep things casual since it’s boiling and I wasn’t up to much today but working from home.

    I’ve had this dress for a long time (I think it was originally my sisters!). It’s from Target and is definitely a staple in my wardrobe. Who doesn’t need a perfect, casual, black dress? The fedora I’m wearing is also from Target. I just thought it would be a nice touch to keep my face out of the sun. 

    The vest was a gift from my mom but I think it is the perfect summer vest! If you know me at all – you probably know my obsession with vests. I wear them all the time and summer is no exception! 

    I got my boots back in the fall from Nordstrom on sale (and in the children’s section!) so they really weren’t too expensive. Especially considering how often I wear them! 

    Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week! 

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    Summer Brights!


    Welcome back to Lee Thrifts! I have another outfit post for
    today. I was feeling pretty gloomy on this Monday so I decided I needed to
    dress the opposite of how I was feeling – BRIGHT! I’ve wanted to try this
    combination of pieces for a while now and I thought today would be the perfect
    day to try it out!

    I got the floral top from a thrift store when I was living
    in Ireland last summer. It’s originally from a store there called Primark,
    which is a great cheap store if you’re ever in the UK or Ireland. This top is
    a really nice thin chiffon material so it keeps me cool when it’s 100+ degrees
    out! I haven’t really worn this top much because it is so bright but I realized
    that I love wearing colors! It just brightens my mood automatically.

    The bright orange skirt I found at a yard sale about a month
    ago. It’s originally from the gap and I scored it for a dollar! Denim skirts
    are very on trend this summer and I thought this could be a fun way to mix it
    up with a bright orange one. I also decided to wear some lavender Essie nail polish
    today because it went with my shirt.

    For my shoes I just toned it down with some crocheted flats
    from target I got last summer. They are extremely comfortable and definitely a
    summer staple! So needless to say – my outfit today was quite the bargain and
    almost completely thrifted!

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    I hope you have a great Monday and I’ll see you on





    Welcome to my blog Thriftlee. As my title might suggest, my
    name is Lee and I absolutely love thrifting and finding a great bargain. I’ve been reading blogs for a while now and I decided to just go for it! I’m
    not 100% sure where this blog is going to go but as of right now I want to
    focus on daily outfit posts, reviews, and my great finds I pick up from the
    thrift store. I majored in photography so I should preface in saying this blog
    is going to be photo heavy and maybe not a whole lot of writing!

    I decided with my first post I’d go ahead and post an outfit
    I wore recently. I decided to shoot inside for now just to get the hang on this
    whole blogging thing (and it’s 100 degrees out today!) but I will move my photos outside soon!

    The dress I chose for this particular day I picked up
    thrifting a while back for only 2 dollars! But would you believe me if I said
    it was originally from MODCLOTH? I didn’t realize it at the time but I checked
    the label when I got home and I couldn’t believe it! What a great steal!

    I normally don’t wear v-necks but this dress had such stunning
    detail I couldn’t pass it up! Everything about this dress is intricate – the
    detailing on the neck, the floral design on the dress – and yet somehow it all
    works so nicely together.  

    I paired the dress with some sandals I got at Target a few
    weeks ago – from the children’s section! Can you believe it? They are so
    comfortable and I think they go perfect with this dress. I think this outfit is
    going to be one of my summer go-to’s from now on!

    Let me know what you think and thanks for checking out my

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