The Perfect Straight Leg Jeans for Petite Women

    Perfect Straight Leg Jeans

    lee standing in a hallways with a red floral top and blue straight leg jeans

    I’ve always been a skinny jeans kind of girl but I think I’ve found the perfect straight leg jeans. I’ve always had trouble with finding the perfect pair of straight leg jeans as a petite girl. I’ve tried a few different styles from the demi boot from Madewell to Everlane’s cropped kick flare style. I like both of those styles but they both had something a little off about them in terms of what I was looking for in a pair of jeans that weren’t the classic skinny jeans! Not to mention, it can also be incredibly difficult to find jeans when you’re a petite size! But let me tell you, these J.Crew jeans are PERFECT! (not the exact pair linked because I got mine secondhand but the same style!)

    Lee holding her heands in air showing perfect pair of straight leg jeans

    They really do have everything I’m looking for in a pair of jeans. They’re the perfect classic blue wash. They have a button fly, some light distressing, and did I mention they are SO COMFORTALBE? They are also a perfect straight leg for my petite frame! Sometimes straight leg jeans just swallow me and these are the perfect width. Everyone raves about Madewell jeans but I think J.Crew is just as good. Makes sense since they are owned by the same company!

    I actually picked these up on Poshmark for $15! I couldn’t believe the steal I found but you can find J.Crew for a pretty good deal on Poshmark. I would definitely check there if you are in need of some new jeans.

    I also want to give a mention to my new thrifted top! It’s originally from Madewell, another difficult find for me. I normally wear an XXS and I don’t find that all too often at the thrift store! While this item is perfect for the warmer weather, I think it will look really cute for the fall with a cardigan for fall.

    Lee standing in hallway smiling in red floral top and blue straight leg jeans and black mules.

    Top: Thrifted (Madewell) | Jeans: Poshmark (J.Crew) | Shoes: Target (old)

    What is your favorite pair of jeans? Let me know in the comments!

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    Online Thrifting on ThredUp

    Lee standing in striped dress - online thrifting on thredup

    Finding Madewell Thrifting on Thredup

    I’ll be honest, I don’t love thrifting online but I have been online thrifting on Thredup since quarantine. It can definitely be more time consuming (and frustrating…) but sometimes I find items I really love! But there are plenty of ways to thrift online, not just Thredup! My good friend, Lindsey, compiled a great list of places to thrift online!

    I started shopping on ThredUp thinking I could get more inventory for my Poshmark Store since thrift stores were closed but it turns out I really enjoy shopping on there for myself!

    One big perk of thrifting on ThredUp is being able to find a lot of items in your size! I’m not one who can fit into most traditional sizing of clothes. I’m normally an XXS, XXSP, or XSP, which you don’t find all that often in the thrift store! But I love on Thredup that you can find items specifically your size! I’ve spent a lot of time on the app recently and I was so excited to find this adorable off the shoulder dress originally from Madewell! It was definitely a purchase I thought about selling but once I tried it on I had to keep it!

    Lee sitting on a chair in a striped dress (thrifting on ThredUp)

    I mentioned it in a previous post, but I love a good simple dress during summer! I have been especially fond of off shoulder styles because I don’t need to wear a bra when working from home hahaha. Let’s be real, a lot (okay, most) days I live in sweats since I’m not even leaving the house during quarantine! But this dress is perfect because of the shift style so it is extra comfy for working from home! I also don’t find the shoulders to be annoying and ride up like a lot of off the shoulder tops/dresses do! I think it’s the elastic on the shoulders.

    Have you ever shopped at Thredup? Let me know in the comments!

    Dress: Madewell via Thredup | Shoes | Necklace: Thrifted

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    Kinder Beauty Box July Review

    I am a little late on this post but I wanted to make sure to review my July Kinder Beauty Box! I’ve been subscribed to Kinder Beauty for all of 2020 so far and I wanted to get a review of the July box up (right in time because I just got my August box haha!).

    Kinder Beauty recently changed slightly the past month on how you get your box. It used to work that everyone would get the same box. But now they have two box options and it is a surprise which one you’ll get! While I wanted the other box from last month more, this box has been nice and I’ve used the products a lot more than I thought I would!

    photo of the kinder beauty description that comes in the box

    I always love the description pages that come in the box! They are huge, informative, and beautifully designed! It’s a really nice way to see what all came in the box. I love that it includes the original prices of the items too so you really know you’re getting a bang for your buck for the box only being $25!

    The first product in the box was some hair ties! They were really cute colors and patterns and you can see how they fit in the hair in the photo beside. They’re a UK based company and they’re marketed as the “world’s kindest hair band,” which I think is kind of fun! I don’t recommend using them for working out as they can slip pretty easily but for everyday use, I love them! They are a little on my wrist, which is a bummer but still cuter than a regular hair tie!

    One product that really surprised me was the mascara from Inika! I feel like I have a lot of mascaras laying around but I decided to give this one a go. Even though we’re still stuck in our houses sometimes I’ll put a swipe of mascara on and feel a little better about being stuck in my house! And let tell you, this mascara is AWESOME! It is pricey so I don’t know if I will purchase it for full price but it is a great cruelty-free mascara if you are in the market for one.

    photo of popbands

    Another product I was surprised to love was the Creme Rose lotion from Cela! Again, a very pricey product ($39!!!) if I were to purchase it for myself but it is so nice to have the chance to use it! It’s really lightweight so it’s perfect for summer when I really don’t want a thick body lotion but my skin still needs some moisture. The scent is also lovely! It’s got a bit of rose and lavender and I don’t find it too overpowering, which some lotions definitely can be.

    close up of lotion bottle in focus

    One product I can definitely see myself repurchasing is the lip balm featured in this month’s box! It’s just a classic clear lip balm so nothing too exciting but I am just excited to have a cruelty-free and vegan option.

    The last product is the Mermaid Milk moisturizer from Earth Harbor. It’s a facial moisturizer with Matcha and Spirulina. I’m not going to lie, I don’t love it. I find the scent a little too strong for my taste and I feel like it leaves my face a little tack-y? But it might work for someone who doesn’t have as dry of skin as I do! I will definitely continue to use it but I don’t think I’ll be paying $42 when it runs out.

    Overall, I am really happy with the July Kinder Beauty Box! I am really excited to show you all August’s box too!

    Have you tried the Kinder Beauty Box? Let me know in the comments!

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    Outfit Repeating In the Summer

    Outfit Repeating in Summer

    I haven’t featured this dress on the blog too much (only once here) but it is definitely a summer staple for me. I have a lot of clothes but I am not afraid of outfit repeating, especially with a dress this perfect! It’s one of my favorite summer staples and I pull it out multiple times each summer. It’s especially perfect for the fourth of July!

    It took me a while to get comfortable in this dress. It feels a little too much if that makes sense? Looking at the blog post I wrote wearing this dress for the first time makes me feel very nostalgic! I don’t know why but I connect this dress with a really fun day back when I lived in Arkansas. I went to an outdoor festival with a bunch of friends. My hair was just as long as it is now back then too!

    Somehow this dress has really turned into something that makes me really happy. But I suppose that is the point of the clothes we own, right? They should make us happy! We should want to be outfit repeaters because that means we truly love what we own. And while this season of life has definitely been weird and kind of terrible, I have found myself reaching for my favorite pieces. Most of it is loungewear but still… this dress is what I’ll wear if I’m having a socially distant outdoor visit!

    My shoes are a newer purchase. To be honest, I am not sure of them, mostly because when I wore them they gave me horrible blisters! It might just take some breaking in as normally this brand of shoes doesn’t bother me. I picked these up from Target because my other pair of white sneakers are so dirty. But honestly, they are so much more comfortable so I might try and clean them up a bit. Does anyone have any good tips for cleaning canvas sneakers? I probably need something a little stronger than the washing machine, haha!


    What have you been wearing these days? Let me know in the comments!

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    A Little J.Crew Sale Review

    Lee standing in peach t-shirt

    Hello friends! Today I’m sharing a review of some J.crew sale pieces!

    I usually pride myself on only shopping secondhand and, on a rare occasion, purchasing something new. You might have started following this blog because of my love for secondhand and ethical fashion.

    And I hate to do this but… this is the second post in a row of something I purchased new during this quarantine! Part of myself is mad at me for doing it but I’m really trying not to be hard on myself for this right now. So, I apologize for not as much thrifty content. But you probably saw in the news that J.Crew filed for bankruptcy so I knew they’d have some steals!

    peach t-shirt with shell embroidery on pocket

    I actually picked up a few things to resell from J.Crew including the most adorable purple shorts: you can find them here 

    I haven’t gotten into retail arbitrage much mostly because I love the idea of giving something new life that someone gave away to the thrift store. But I’ve been trying to find new ways to sell items for Poshmark and I have to say, online thrifting and retail arbitrage are not. the. same.

    One item I bought for myself is this adorable t-shirt! I have actually been wanting some new t-shirts as that is really all I’ve been wearing during all of this craziness! I keep telling myself I’m going to get dressed every day but then I end up wearing a t-shirt and sweats… again.

    Lee in mint t-shirt with orange piping

    Another simple t-shirt find! I love the mint color and contrasting piping. Plus, J.crew makes and xx-small size, which fits me perfectly for t-shirts! While these T-shirts are sold out now, it looks like they have tons available in their sale section!


    J.crew sale review striped tunic



    So… this top. It was only around $10 and I can’t pass up a stripe, but I probably should have known it would be too long considering it was called a “tunic”. But I thought it would be cute with leggings! I just can’t decide if it is too big though? What do you guys think?? Should I sell it on Poshmark?

    J.crew sale ponte top

    I had some professional things come up (before quarantine) and I wanted to pick up this black blouse for those happen again! I thought this top was perfect because it is versatile enough to be worn with pretty much anything. It’s got a slight puff sleeve but nothing too extravagant. It’s a really thick ponte material so it feels very high quality!


    Have you been online shopping while stuck at home? Let me know in the comments!

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