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    The Perfect Spring Work Outfit


    A bit of a quick post from me today. I went out yesterday after work and quickly got some shots before the sunset after work. It’s still pretty chilly here so this has been my go-to outfit for spring. My workplace is fairly casual but I still like to look put together. I find it really helps me get more work done when I’m not dressed like a slob hah.

    I recently thrifted this coat and turns out it is perfect for spring! It’s fairly lightweight but it still keeps me warm on the cool spring mornings. I picked it up at a consignment shop I’d never been to but it was on super clearance. It was originally $38 and I got it for $10! 

    The rest of my outfit is a bunch of old favorites though. I think I’ve had this skirt since I was a freshman in college (almost 7 years. what!!!) and my black turtleneck quickly became a piece I wear pretty much every week. 

    coat: thrifted 

    Shirt: Thrifted but Forever 21

    Skirt: H&M – very old! 

    Shoes: Payless 

    What do you like to wear in the ever-changing spring weather? 

    Let me know in the comments!





    Recent Youtube Videos

    I’ve been uploading to my Youtube channel a lot lately so I thought I’d put up a quick little post with some recent videos! I have really been enjoying making these and I’ve decided to upload there twice a week now! So be sure to subscribe and check out my channel every Thursday and Sunday. 

    1. My one bedroom apartment tour!

    I had a lot of fun filming this and showing you guys where I live for now. I’m really happy with how my space has turned out. 

    2. Thrift haul!

    Of course I had to show you guys what I’ve thrifted recently! One of my favorite local stores has a $1 sale going on right now so I’ve been going probably too much for my own good. 

    3. How to Thrift like a pro!

    I also shared some of my best thrifting tips! I talk about how to find the best stuff, what to bring with you, and where to look at the stores. 

    4. February Favorites!

    I’ve really been enjoying this year talking about what I’m loving so I did a quick little video of what I loved in the month of February. 

    There are more videos on my channel but those are just some of my favorites I’ve done in the past month or so. Let me know which one was your favorite! 

    Also, please let me know what videos/blog posts you’d like to see going forward! I really want to make content that I love and content my viewers love!




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    Styling Spring dresses when it is still cold

    I have mentioned it a few times on the blog, but I love wearing my typical spring/summer pieces in the winter. I love creating new ways to wear a sundress or white jeans. Maybe that’s why I could never have a capsule wardrobe. I love having all of my clothes (or a lot of them!) at my disposal. And while I have a lot of clothes, I still feel like I’m finding new and creative ways to wear items. I am trying to cull my wardrobe into pieces I really love but it is a slow process as I try and figure out my true personal style. Anyways,

     I’ve seen a lot of people throwing on a cami sundress over t-shirts but I thought I’d try a short sleeve dress! 

    I paired it on top of my black sweater dress from Marshall’s. This dress is seriously the perfect winter dress. It’s comfortable, warm, and can be paired with anything. And I mean anything! I had given away a black dress similar to it that I had worn to death so I am really glad I found a replacement. 

    I went with my fleece lined leggings (probably should have worn tights but these are sooo cozy) as it was frigid the morning I shot these. I also went with my trusty black boots because what else would I wear? haha. 

    Do you wear your spring dresses when it’s still cold?
    Let me know what you think in the comments! 



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    How to Beat the Winter Blues

    I cannot remember the last time I saw the sun. Really. I hate talking about the weather but man, it has been dreary, cold, and wet for weeks now. I’ve been trying to keep myself positive and upbeat but it can be really hard when I haven’t gotten any vitamin D in weeks! So, here are some tips for beating those winter blues… 

    1. Wearing a colorful coat 

    Definitely my favorite tip – wearing a colorful coat! I have gotten countless compliments on my bright yellow coat but I realized I receive them the most when it’s gross outside. I feel like I’m bringing around a little bit of sunshine when I wear this coat. 

    2. Embrace it 

    Sometimes it can be really nice to just embrace the ‘hygge’ culture and snuggle up next to a cat (or a dog/person/whatever). I can get stir crazy if I do it for too long (i.e. this pas long weekend) but it can be nice to pop on a movie (or the Olympics!) and settle in for the night. 

    3. Get those Endorphins flowing 

    I haven’t been the best about this one but one thing I am really trying to do is workout every day! I know how much working out helps me whether it be my mental health, sleep, or just feeling good in general. It is especially important in the winter. 

     4. Plan a trip (or a move/change) 

    I’m currently working on this step but I realized the importance of this step last year. I was feeling a little stuck so I decided to find a cheap place to go for a week in Spring so I could have something to look forward to! 

    5. Catch up with friends 

    I often find myself being quite the recluse when it comes to winter. But one thing that really helps is getting out and seeing friends! 

    6. Drink a lot of water!

    I’m really bad about this but sometimes I forget you can be dehydrated in the colder months (oops). I guess because I don’t sweat or anything, I forget I need to drink a lot of water. But I try and drink 3-4 liters of water per day and it makes all the difference! It really helps with my mood and overall my physical self. 

    *Everything in this outfit is thrifted*

    What are you doing to beat the winter blues? 

    Let me know in the comments!




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    5 Steps I’m Taking for a Better 2018

     I promise I’ll start taking photos outside again… I just can’t even remember the last time I saw the sun! 

    This post was meant to go up yesterday on Valentine’s day but alas… 

    I don’t know what has changed in 2018 but I really feel like I’ve come to a lot of realizations. 2017 was not an easy year by any means. I had a lot of health problems, got put on a medication that made me feel like a total zombie and dealt with some mental health issues. I am doing a lot better overall and I think a lot of it has to do with some steps I’ve taken in terms of looking out for myself. Some are slightly superficial while others are more looking inwards. 


    So, what have I done these past two months? 

    1. Cut out toxic people from my life. 

    I am lucky and have some really wonderful friends. But I also spent much of last year not being treated well by some people I considered good friends. I never felt like I could share how I was feeling and so, I harbored a lot of negative feelings I didn’t know what to do with. Starting at the end of last year, I had enough. I was so tired of feeling like I did something wrong. I felt like I was not good enough for this person and that our friendship didn’t matter. But you know what? That just isn’t true! We are all worth far more than someone who treats us poorly makes us feel. I’m going to lie, I’m currently in the “total heartbreak” stage of this but I do feel a lot better when I’m not around this person. 

    2. Making my bed every morning. 

    I know this sounds silly but I started doing this in January and y’all, it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! It makes my space feel automatically cleaner and it takes all of two minutes. It automatically makes me feel productive when I wake up. It also helps me not crawl into bed straight away when I get home from work… 

    3. Realizing I should not feel bad if I don’t want/can’t do something social  

    I used to feel really bad if I skipped out on a social event because of my stomach issues or anxiety. I felt like I couldn’t explain myself to anyone or that they weren’t valid reasons. But now, I realize that sometimes chronic illness or anxiety strikes. Or I just don’t feel up to it. And that is okay. I also used to have a hard time hanging out and feeling bad if I didn’t want to drink alcohol (silly, I know). But I am the only one that knows my body and damn, alcohol has been making my stomach hurt so much lately! So I do not feel bad about that anymore. 

    4. Taking care of my skin and flossing every. damn. day. 
    I knew this was something I really needed to do. Before, I was a haphazard flosser… I’d floss every once and a while when I remembered (I know, it’s terrible). But now I floss every day. Sometimes twice a day! 

    I also have come up with a good skincare routine. I recently started slacking and I’ve noticed my skin has taken a hit. Back to the double cleanse at night!! 

    5. Drinking less alcohol 

    Let me preface this — I do not drink a lot, to begin with. But in 2017, I did start drinking more than I ever had before. I’d have a beer or two on weeknights and then maybe three on a Saturday night. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but to my petite frame, it IS! I also realized recently that alcohol definitely wreaks havoc on my GI system. While I’m not giving alcohol up entirely, I have been scaling it back. I feel a lot better in terms of my health because of this. 

    Shirt: Thrifted (Similar)

    Sweater: Thrifted (Similar)

    Skirt: ThredUp (use code LEETHRIFTS to get 50% off $50!)

    Shoes & TIghts: Target

    What have you been doing to make 2018 off to a great start? 

    Let me know in the comments!