Spring Working from Home Uniform

Working from home uniform

Since working from home I have created a somewhat uniform for myself if I know I’m hardly leaving the house for the day. I have worked remotely for almost an entire year! I’ve mentioned it quite a few times, but my style has changed a lot since I started working from home full time.

Sometimes I forget that I used to work in an office every day. In July, I will have worked remotely for a year! Last week I actually went into the office for a few days. It wasn’t bad but let’s just say I like that I don’t have to do it every day.

Now, onto my uniform…

Working from home uniform Working from home uniform

My work from home Uniform 

1. The comfortable pair of pants

I have quite a few criteria when picking out a pair of pants if I am working from home. I picked up these J.crew ones to resell but (of course) I kept them because they were just so comfortable! So my criteria for finding the best and most comfy pair of pants is as follows:

1) elastic waistbands! I have no patience for wearing uncomfortable pants now that I work from home every day. I used to wear dress pants to the office on occasion but now, I really do not see the point suffering through uncomfortable pants when I don’t need to!

2) Loose and comfortable – I will on occasion wear leggings or yoga pants but I’ve found slouchy pants like these I thrifted (but originally j.crew!) are much more comfortable! I also don’t feel quite as much like a slob if I am wearing cute pants like this! I think they definitely pass as a cute pair of pants rather than Pjs.

3) Pockets (ideally) – These pants sadly do not have pockets, which can be somewhat annoying when I am heading somewhere but if I’m just at home all day it’s not such a big deal. But ideally, I’d love everything I own to have some good good pockets.

Working from home uniform

2. the sneaker I can wear everywhere

I have become quite the fiend of comfortable sneakers (preferably slip on but I do have a few with laces!). I have become a huge fan of slip-on shoes now that I work from home because they are the easiest thing to throw on when I want to go to a coffee shop or walk to the store. I found my white pair at target (and apparently Cat & Jack have a lifetime warranty!!). Funnily enough, someone at a store pointed out we had the same shoes on! I do need to throw them in the wash soon as they are getting quite dirty but what can you do?

3. Cute but comfortable top

When I worked in an office I used to LOVE wearing a cute (and sometimes whimsically printed) button down. Button downs were such a staple in my wardrobe but now I don’t find myself reaching for them as much. I’d much rather just grab a top I can throw on but might look a little bit cuter and put together than a t-shirt. That’s where the cute but comfortable top comes in! I thrifted this one but I’ve found countless the past few months at the thrift store that I’ve definitely got my wardrobe stocked with cute and cozy tops.

Working from home uniform Working from home uniform

Shirt & Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: Target

What do you like to wear if you work from home? Let me know in the comments!


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