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I recently picked up a pair of Everlane denim jeans from a consignment shop. I’ve actually been waiting to try out their jeans for a while but couldn’t justify the price tag (they’re actually fairly reasonable for an ethical company but your girl is cheap!). So I was really happy when I found the High Rise Straight Leg Cropped Jeans in my size!! Keep in mind, I am only 4’9″ so these are supposed to be cropped but the length fits me wonderfully!

So let’s get on the review, shall we!?

The Fit

I actually didn’t try these on in store. I figured I could resell them in they didn’t fit but they fit like a glove! As I mentioned, I am very petite so I believe these are the “cropped” version but fit me like a regular pair of jeans would. I will say these fit very true to size though. But there really is not much stretch at all! I’m a pretty true size 24/00/0 in the waist and these fit me snuggly around the waist. But I’m okay with that because normally I find I have a bit of gaping in my jeans at the waist! I would say if you like a bit of room in your jeans I’d say size up because these do not have much stretch.

The Feel

I’ll be honest, I haven’t worn a pair of real denim “jeans” in a long time. I’m pretty into my jeggings (but look like real jeans!) or stretchy jeans. But these are a much thicker, true denim material. At first, I found them a little snug around my hips but over time, as I wore them throughout the day, they got very comfortable! They definitely loosen up but not too much that they lose their shape, which is great! They don’t become too baggy or unflattering as the day wears on so I am a fan. At first, I thought I would hate them with their lack of stretch but they have really grown on me and are quite comfortable. I’m even wearing them on my couch while I write this (which is saying something because I am a serial joggers wearer when I’m working from home!).

Where to find them

I actually picked up my jeans at a consignment store. But as Everlane has been gaining popularity, I’ve been finding at it more at regular thrift stores. Of course, that takes a lot more time and luck, but I have found some wonderful pieces that are secondhand from the brand! I would check out their website though as they often have “Pay what you can” sales, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. I’ve also found some really nice and high-quality pieces on Poshmark for a fraction of the price! So I’d definitely do some digging to find some good deals on the brand. But they are fairly sustainable so I wouldn’t mind picking them up from their website either if you’re looking for a good pair of jeans! I might even pick up a black pair when Fall rolls around again.

So are they worth it?

Overall I’d give these jeans an 8/10! My first impression was that they were stiff and uncomfortable but they definitely loosen up a bit so they become really comfortable! The fit is really nice too and I love the raw hem. As with most Everlane pieces I’ve picked up, I can tell that they are such high-quality denim that will last me a long time. So I’d say if you are in the market for a new pair of jeans I would take a look at Everlane!


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