Red and Blue


So, I guess my colors for this fall are definitely red and blue! I’m not sure what it is about this color palette this season but I can’t seem to get enough of it (see herehere, and here!). I think part of it is it has been so gloomy here this fall and wearing brighter colors can help brighten my mood a little bit. And plus, my wardrobe is definitely not lacking in cute red and blue pieces!

I don’t really like how patriotic this look is, though… I am definitely not patriotic in our current state but that’s all I’ll say politics wise!

Another reason I think I’ve been reaching for a dark blue lately is that of my new glasses! I’ve actually had them for a few weeks now but I forgot to mention it on the blog.

I haven’t had a navy pair of glasses in probably six or seven years so it’s been nice to play around with them! And, while editing these photos, I noticed how perfectly my navy hat matches them! How perfect is that!? I also don’t find that wearing black clashes with them either. I think they work really well with basically every outfit! I only get new glasses every 3 years or so because my prescription is so expensive. So, it is really exciting when I get new ones because I wear them all. the. time. (legally blind problems! haha)

Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to donate my adorable flats. I picked them up from Old Navy back in October or so and they are just SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I’ve worn them a few times to try and break them in but they give me horrible blisters every time! It is so annoying and painful. They were really cheap so  I guess I shouldn’t have expected much but still…

As for the rest of my outfit, these are pieces I will definitely (and have!) will be keeping for a long time. I’ve had the skirt the longest. It was another Goodwill find from college. I remember the day I picked up this skirt, which sounds silly because it is just a skirt but I remember feeling so excited about all of my secondhand finds. It was then that my addiction to thrifting began! My shirt, on the other hand, is a new secondhand find. It is just a Forever 21 top but I don’t mind buying their basics secondhand if they are in good condition! Plus the shoulders on this top are too cute!



How do you feel about this color combo? Let me know in the comments!


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