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For someone who lives in the south, I have a lot of coats. I mean, a lot. (See my coat collection video from last year). I’ve gotten a few of them retail over the years but a majority of my most beloved coats come from the thrift store!  Finding a thrifted coat that fits well, is in good condition, and warm is one of the most difficult things to find. I’ve found some of my most fun and colorful coats that way, though. I always check the coats during the office season when other people aren’t (so summer for coats, winter for shorts, etc). But this coat I actually found last December!

After work on most Fridays, my friend and I would venture over to the Salvation Army near where work. I normally never go to the Salvation Army but this one was fairly clean and pretty cheap! I somehow found this coat in the dead of winter and, probably the biggest miracle, the sleeves fit! I’ve featured it before on the blog but I knew I had to rock it again this season!

I really wanted to take some pictures of my outfit without my coat but… it was 35 (1-degree Celsius!) outside when I shot these! But everything besides my shoes is secondhand, which is always a great feeling! I always forget about these forest green jeans but they are sooo comfortable! They’re originally from Zara, which when I go into the store never seem to find anything I like. But whenever I find it at the thrift store I love it! My sweater is a chunky cable-knit originally from GAP but you guessed it… I got it at the thrift store! I actually found it for only a dollar, which is an incredible deal for such a thick and warm sweater!

Coat: Thrifted (VERY similar) Sweater: Similar Hat: Similar Shoes: Target (old)

Are you excited about the cold? (if you’re in the northern hemisphere!)

Let me know in the comments!


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