The Sweater I Never Knew I Needed

I have been thirfting a lot lately. I mean probably a couple of times a week at this point. I’d say about 90% of the time though it is for my business (Poshmark). But the other 10% means I occasionally pick up something for myself, which probably isn’t the healthiest thing to do in the world by continuously bringing in new clothes to my closet. But a lot of the times I end up selling them so I don’t feel as bad that I’m bringing things into my closet.

I’ve also talked quite a bit recently about impulse purchases from the thrift store and how they can be a hit or miss. This sweater is another one of those impulse purchases. Right before checking out I was checking out some sweaters and saw this pink J.Crew wrap sweater. I’ve actually seen a lot of wrap sweaters in retail stores (Loft, Madewell, J.Crew) so I decided to pick this one up on a whim. Normally with sweaters, I can judge if they’ll fit and don’t really need to try them on.

One reason I picked up this sweater is that it is going to be so versatile in my wardrobe! In this outfit, I’m wearing it with a dress but I can also see myself wearing it with jeans, a skirt, patterned pants, anything! It might be a bit of a Spring color in the pink but I also don’t really care. It’s cozy for this season too.

Funnily enough, my dress is also a wrap style, which I’ll be sure to remix on the blog soon! It’s also a thrifted impulse purchase but it’s the perfect thing to dress up or down.  I also really like the asymmetrical hem. I love the style of wrap dresses but normally the *real* wrap dresses with the ties bother me to no end and don’t fit me. This dress is a fake wrap dress! It’s got the style of one but it isn’t too big or revealing.

Dress: Thrifted (Similar) Sweater: Thrifted (Similar) (Similar) Shoes: Kohl’s (and on sale for $20!)

What do you think of the wrap sweater? Will you be rocking on this fall?

Let me know in the comments!


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