Finding Trends at the Thrift Store

Finding trends at the thrift store

I’ve talked about it before on the blog but sometimes experimenting with trends can be really fun. But it can also be overwhelming because you can forget what you actually like or what suits you and just follow the trends. Today I thought I’d share a few examples of some trendy pieces for fall you can definitely find at the thrift store.

Leopard print is hitting the high street in a big way this season. I’ve got my fair share of leopard print shoes already but this is the only article of clothing I have that is the print. I’ve actually had this shirt for a while (maybe a year or two?) but that’s the great thing about trends! They always come back. I wasn’t even trying to be trendy when I thrifted this shirt! But I really like that this is a colored leopard print top. I think it makes it a little more subtle than your standard brown leopard print.

Finding trends at the thrift stor Finding trends at the thrift store

My pants are another trendy piece this fall, at least the color is! Sometimes I’ll take a look around stores like H&M, Forever 21, etc just to see the trends for my poshmark closet (It helps to know what people are picking up so I know what to source). And while I was having a nosey I noticed this bright mustard color was everywhere! I’m not mad about it at all. It’s a beautiful color. And these pants add the perfect punch of color to any outfit. These pants are, of course, thrifted but I’ve found some similar pairs and linked them down below.

Anyways, I just thought these were some fun pieces to show you that there are tons of trendy pieces at the thrift store! It might take a little longer to find them instead of just going over to Forever 21 but it is well worth the wait.

Finding trends at the thrift stor

Shirt: Thrifted Similar Similar | Pants: thrifted (Similar)

Will you be partaking in any trends this fall?

Let me know in the comments!

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