The Perfect Fall Top


I used to have a pretty expansive plaid shirt collection, particularly flannels. This past winter I finally decided to part with my all-time favorite because it was way too worn. To be honest, I don’t wear flannels too often anymore. I have about two that I rotate throughout the fall and winter. Plaid now just reminds me of college (I wore a LOT of flannel) or high school (I had to wear a plaid skirt as a uniform).

So when I was at LOFT this past week, I skimmed over this plaid shirt not thinking much about it. I was actually trying on this beautiful maroon button down (see here) but it was too big for me. I grabbed the smallest size I could find in a shirt to see how it fit, which is where this plaid top came in. I was definitely not expecting to like it when I tried it on but I loved it! It’s lightweight and feels like a fresh take on the plaid prints I used to wear over and over.


Like the last outfit I featured (here) everything I’m wearing are items I wear over and over (well, I mean I just got this shirt but I think I will wear it all fall…). I’ve mentioned over the last year that I’ve been really trying to work on creating a wardrobe I love and finding good, comfortable basics help with that! I am in no way saying I’ll be only dressing in plain outfits but sometimes it’s nice to throw something simple on.

I think I’ve featured these jeans here before a few times on this blog. I wear them all the time come fall! My friend actually gave them to me and they fit me perfectly! They are the American Eagle Jegging, which I’ve always been a fan of and something about this dark wash really works well with them! Plus they are so, so comfy. I’ve taken naps in them before, which is saying a lot because I find most jeans so uncomfortable and want to take them off the minute I get home! haha.

My shoes are, of course, my Ferragamo finds from a local thrift store. I thought they were getting a little more comfortable but… not so much on this walk to the park! If anyone has any tips for breaking in shoes, PLEASE let me know. I feel like I am walking a lot more lately and all of my shoes are giving me blisters!

Top: LOFT (available in petite & regular!)
Jeans: Thrifted (Similar)
Shoes: Thrifted (Ferragamo)

What is your go-to outfit for fall?

Let me know in the comments below!

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