Impulse Purchases from the Thrift Store

Over the last year, I have considerably stopped buying from fast fashion. I went to the mall yesterday because I needed some underwear (tmi?). I haven’t found an ethical option for this type of clothing! But I found myself browsing stores I used to shop at reguarly and couldn’t bring myself to try anything on nonetheless purchase anything!

I’ll still occasionally pick something up from Target or something but it’s often somewhat of an impulse buy (unless it’s a pair of shoes..), which as I’m sure most of you can understand, I end up regretting. The same thing happens to me on occasion when I go to the thrift store. I’ll see something I think I can pull off and in reality, I really can’t. Or in the most recent past, I have picked up thing and realize they have a hole or stain UGH. That is the worst. I’m even thinking about making a video of thrifting mistakes I’ve made. But this dress is NOT one of those mistakes!

I used to go to a thrift store in Little Rock where they oftentimes had sales where everything was $1! So I would grab everything I liked (or that I could sell) and only spent around $12 – $15 without even trying it on! This dress was one of those purchases. It didn’t have a size tag or anything but I just grabbed it because it is so beautiful. I never tried on these items because they were so cheap and figured it wasn’t much of a gamble if something didn’t fit.

And turns out, it fits me perfectly. Sometimes impulse purchases end up working out for the best! I feel an insane amount of guilt when I buy fast fashion and then I never wear it but with thrift store finds, while the guilt is still there, it’s not as bad. I can normally end up selling it or donating it back it for someone else to discover it!

I am really trying to shop more consciously and only purchase something if I really like it but sometimes I think it is okay to pick up a gamble from the thrift store! It’s fun and shouldn’t we have fun while we try and be more ethical consumers?


What I’m wearing: Dress (thrifted) Shoes: Kohl’s

Do you make impulse purchases?

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