How to Make Jeans and a T-Shirt Look Chic

How to make Jeans and a t-shirt chic

Since working from home I have found my wardrobe to definitely be more relaxed. I started out by getting dressed as I used to when I went into the office. But then I just didn’t find that comfortable or more importantly, necessary if I was just going to be working from my bed most days! haha. So, I’ve started wearing a lot more jeans. Today I wanted to share a few tips on how to make jeans and a t-shirt look chic!

I’ve never really been a big jeans + t-shirt kind of gal. I much prefer to wear a dress, a button-down shirt, or something like that. Recently though, I’ve found a way to make myself feel more put together when I wear them.


how to make jeans and a t-shirt chic

How to make your jeans and t-shirt look chic

1. Tuck it in!

One of my favorite tricks for making myself look more put together is tucking in my shirt. I know this is not a groundbreaking trick but I think it is something that is often forgotten about. Even just a french tuck (tucking in your shirt only in the front) can make ALL the difference! I often feel frumpy when I put on a shirt that I think might be too big for me but then I tuck it in and bam! It looks so much better and put together. For this look, I’ve just gone with a simple striped top and tucked it in. But I pulled it out slightly to make it a bit more relaxed.

2. Pattern mix!

This one might not seem quite so obvious in this outfit but I am pattern mixing. I’ve got the striped top but I also threw on some animal printed shoes! Animal printed shoes are apparently a huge trend this year but I’ve been wearing them for a while…. (I’ll be doing a remix post on this soon!). But I think they are the perfect subtle way to pattern mix your clothing. It’s not so obvious because I’ve got the blue denim to add something plain. But just adding these little details can make all the difference when I want to look more put together!


how to make jeans and a t-shirt chic

how to make jeans and a t-shirt chic

3. Accessorize

Normally, I’m not one to accessorize very much. I’ll throw on my watch and maybe a necklace but that is pretty much it! But if I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt I’ve found that adding a few key accessories can make all the difference! Here, I threw on my trusty watch and a brown belt. I also find if you’re tucking in your t-shirt that a belt can really help pull your whole look together! Again, not the most *groundbreaking* tip but I think it is something people (myself included!) forget about.

4. Throw on a blazer

I’m not wearing a blazer in this outfit (it’s still 90+ degrees out!) but I think this is one the best ways to make yourself feel better in jeans and a t-shirt. I remember during an internship they made us wear these branded t-shirts (I worked in a museum!) so I would throw on a blazer and it went from a boring and uninspired outfit to chic in seconds! And now that we are coming up on fall, there are SO many options for jackets! I recently picked up a rust-colored blazer and I cannot wait to throw it over my favorite skinny jeans.

how to make jeans and a t-shirt chic

Top: Thrifted (Similar) Jeans: Thrifted (similar) Shoes: Thrifted (Similar) (Similar)

What’s your favorite way to wear jeans and a t-shirt?

Let me know in the comments!

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