What I’ve Learned from my Capsule Wardrobe So Far

I started a capsule wardrobe back in June. I’ve always been interested in having one but I knew it was something I wouldn’t want long term. I love thrifting and I have a lot of clothing. But in late June I moved across the country. I knew I’d be moving again in early September so I didn’t want to unpack everything just to have to pack it again in two months. But I thought I’d do a little recap of what I have learned from having a capsule wardrobe for the past month and a half or so.

But Lee, What IS a capsule wardrobe?

A friend of mine recently asked me what a capsule wardrobe is so I thought I’d do a small explanation of it! The Capsule Wardrobe was started in 2010 as Project 333, which mean you wear 33 items for 3 months and bo up the rest of your clothes. I actually just read the “rules” of this challenge and they are quite strict! But since then, tons of people have taken the “capsule wardrobe” approach to their clothing. So I thought with my move and everything it would be the perfect chance to try it out. I will say though when I really thought about it I have done the capsule wardrobe when living abroad! In college, I lived abroad for a semester and then a summer. Each time I only took a suitcase and a carry-on backpack with my personal items. So, in essence, I was completing this challenge without even realizing it! I think now it is just different because I do have a lot of clothes and am not living out of a suitcase.

At first, I started off by making sure I had a set number of items. But in actuality, that didn’t work very well for me. I just needed everything to fit in a suitcase. The number didn’t really matter. I think I ended up with 30 or so pieces but I never made a final count. I made a video a few weeks back of everything in my capsule wardrobe with the number of items in each category but that was mostly so I could keep track of what I wore most (dresses!).  So if you’re thinking about a capsule wardrobe I wouldn’t limit yourself to a set number of items at first.

Another way I haven’t been quite as rigid about my wardrobe is that I’ve switched things out in I wasn’t wearing them. Like I mentioned, I made a video (here) about what I was including in my capsule wardrobe. But I actually found I wasn’t wearing some of those items (i.e the black peplum top – turns out it was kind of sheer!!) and I’ve replaced it with other tops in my wardrobe that I like better.

I have learned a lot when it comes to my wardrobe by having this “capsule wardrobe” though. I’m normally not one to wear basics (like this outfit here). What can I say – I love a good pattern! But this challenge has made me appreciate the simpler items in my closet more. I can definitely see the appeal of having a minimalistic wardrobe where everything goes with everything but I do think I’d get bored.

Another thing I’ve learned that it is okay to still have patterns and colors in my wardrobe! All of the capsule wardrobes I see on blogs/youtube are almost monochromatic and I knew that isn’t what I wanted when I started this challenge. But as you saw in my last post, I love colors and patterns! I wasn’t ready to give that up just because I was creating a smaller wardrobe. So if you are starting a capsule wardrobe you can still incorporate everything you love! That is the whole purpose of it anyways.

Overall, I have enjoyed having a capsule wardrobe but I am pretty excited to get back to all of my clothes! I love picking out my outfits in the morning and I really try and wear everything. But it’s been a good experiement and I still have some time left before the summer is over! Another challenge I think would be interesting for me is a “no spend month” as I still have been thrifting (mostly for my poshmark but some items for me!!).

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe?

Let me know in the comments!

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