What to Wear to Class / 10×10 Day 2


Striped top / high waisted jeans

Another day, another 10×10 challenge! This was my outfit for Saturday while I was in HTML/CSS class all day (which turns out I am really enjoying!!). Now that I am a student again and working from home, I’m finding myself reaching for much more casual outfits. But I also don’t want to look like a total slob when I’m in class. So a tucked in t-shirt is the perfect balance of looking somewhat put together and comfy!

I used to get dressed up for class when I was in college, which was really fun for me (and where I started to discover my style!). For some reason, I don’t feel the need to get that dressed up for my weekend classes now. But I also don’t think a dress is “dressed up”. All I did was put on one article of clothing and I’m good to go! Anyone else with me here?

Striped top / high waisted jeans


This shirt is actually not in my capsule wardrobe (what was I thinking? I wear it all the time!) but I decided to add it for my 10×10. But I was looking at it yesterday (I wore it yesterday too with a different pair of shorts… you’ll see soon!) and it looks like it is piling a little bit.

I’ve actually picked a few different pieces that weren’t in my capsule wardrobe this summer for this challenge. I just didn’t want to get really burned out of my wardrobe before the summer was over.

For my 10×10, I chose mostly neutral bottoms and more pattered tops. I thought I was going to do it the other way around but it just worked out this way if I picked out solid colored pants/skirts/shorts. Since this challenge started on Friday, I have had to move around some pieces and decide what I really needed. For example, turns out I need a sweater! My classes are in a very air-conditioned building so it can get chilly, which also makes me very glad I threw in these pair of jeans at the last minute on Friday.

Striped top / high waisted jeans

What do you like to wear to class?

Let me know in the comments!


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