Welcome to Layers of Lee!


Welcome to Layers of Lee!

I am so excited to finally announce my new website!

I’ve had my blog, Lee Thrifts, for about 3 years now. When I first started I rigidly posted 3x/week. And then that slowly started to trickle as I started a full-time job, gaining new friends, and having some health issues. I would post to it every so often (when the creativity struck) but I knew with all of my life changes recently I wanted to start taking this blog more seriously. I am sure the few readers I have left have noticed my lack of content. It is not because of lack of ideas but rather the fear of this whole thing. The fear of what people might think, the fear I’ll be a failure, the fear that I am not actually any good at this. But as I’m reaching 26 (!), I am starting to realize that none of that matters in the slightest.

This is something I truly enjoy and if that is the case, shouldn’t I keep pursuing it? Shouldn’t I make this hobby something I am proud of? Shouldn’t I at least give it a chance to be something? 

So what can you expect from this space going forward?

Lots of thirfted content, beauty, reselling tips/tricks, and hopefully, some travel content is thrown in there for good measure! So, what I’m trying to say is my content at its core isn’t going to change very much. I am still going to be posting outfits, favorite beauty products, and video content but it’ll be so much betterI started a certificate at a local University in digital marketing and that has given me the push and motivation to work on this site. It might never be my job but I can at least give it a try.


I am hoping to post every day on this blog going forward. I think one of the best ways to be seen is to work really hard and get as much content out there as I can. I also just remember when I moved back home after college the one thing I loved doing was working on this blog and creating content. So I want to take what I’m leaning in my digital marketing classes and apply them here.






So Welcome to the new chapter in my online life – Layers of Lee!

What kinds of content would you like to see from me going forward? 


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