Summer 10×10 Challenge Day one!

Welcome to the first day of the Summer 10×10 challenge! I am so excited to try out this challenge.

If you don’t know what the 10×10 challenge is, it is a style challenge where for 10 days you wear 10 different items. I think it is based more on instagram because there are so many hashtags and whatnot but I decided to keep track of it on my blog too!  It was started by the blogger Lee at Style Bee.  I thought with my Capsule Wardrobe this summer it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out!

I started off easy on the first day by throwing on a dress. This challenge was kind of hard for me not to just pick tons of dresses! But I’ve got some other pieces… just wait and see. Today though, I wore my favorite dress this summer. It really is my favorite outfit this summer. I wasn’t up to much this day as I was just working from home so I wanted to be comfortable.

I thrifted this Old Navy dress back in the spring because I thought the color combination was absolutely beautiful! I would never pair bright blue and orange together on my own but somehow on this dress, it really works. I also got this dress in a couple of sizes too big so it is nice and slouchy (pro tip for the utmost comfort!). I have featured my shoes a lot but they really are my favorite summer shoe! They are actually children shoes but they work perfectly for me.

When perusing the hashtags for these challenges, most people stick to a pretty neutral color palette. But I definitely have some patterns and bright colors! I think this will be a good challenge for me to discover new color combinations and different ways of wearing my clothing. I’m also excited to try different silhouettes with my clothing too! I’ve been wearing a lot more midi/maxi skirts/dresses lately so I am excited to see how I can mix those up with this challenge.

Thinking about it, I say I have never done a challenge like this but it really is just like traveling! I’ve gone on 3 week long trips with just a carry-on and that was probably less than 10 items of clothing! I guess it will be different while I am not traveling because I still have access to all of my other clothes but I won’t be wearing them.

Have you tried the 10×10 challenege?

Let me know in the comments!


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