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I’ve been uploading to my Youtube channel a lot lately so I thought I’d put up a quick little post with some recent videos! I have really been enjoying making these and I’ve decided to upload there twice a week now! So be sure to subscribe and check out my channel every Thursday and Sunday. 

1. My one bedroom apartment tour!

I had a lot of fun filming this and showing you guys where I live for now. I’m really happy with how my space has turned out. 

2. Thrift haul!

Of course I had to show you guys what I’ve thrifted recently! One of my favorite local stores has a $1 sale going on right now so I’ve been going probably too much for my own good. 

3. How to Thrift like a pro!

I also shared some of my best thrifting tips! I talk about how to find the best stuff, what to bring with you, and where to look at the stores. 

4. February Favorites!

I’ve really been enjoying this year talking about what I’m loving so I did a quick little video of what I loved in the month of February. 

There are more videos on my channel but those are just some of my favorites I’ve done in the past month or so. Let me know which one was your favorite! 

Also, please let me know what videos/blog posts you’d like to see going forward! I really want to make content that I love and content my viewers love!




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