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Styling Spring dresses when it is still cold

I have mentioned it a few times on the blog, but I love wearing my typical spring/summer pieces in the winter. I love creating new ways to wear a sundress or white jeans. Maybe that’s why I could never have a capsule wardrobe. I love having all of my clothes (or a lot of them!) at my disposal. And while I have a lot of clothes, I still feel like I’m finding new and creative ways to wear items. I am trying to cull my wardrobe into pieces I really love but it is a slow process as I try and figure out my true personal style. Anyways,

 I’ve seen a lot of people throwing on a cami sundress over t-shirts but I thought I’d try a short sleeve dress! 

I paired it on top of my black sweater dress from Marshall’s. This dress is seriously the perfect winter dress. It’s comfortable, warm, and can be paired with anything. And I mean anything! I had given away a black dress similar to it that I had worn to death so I am really glad I found a replacement. 

I went with my fleece lined leggings (probably should have worn tights but these are sooo cozy) as it was frigid the morning I shot these. I also went with my trusty black boots because what else would I wear? haha. 

Do you wear your spring dresses when it’s still cold?
Let me know what you think in the comments! 



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