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How to Beat the Winter Blues

I cannot remember the last time I saw the sun. Really. I hate talking about the weather but man, it has been dreary, cold, and wet for weeks now. I’ve been trying to keep myself positive and upbeat but it can be really hard when I haven’t gotten any vitamin D in weeks! So, here are some tips for beating those winter blues… 

1. Wearing a colorful coat 

Definitely my favorite tip – wearing a colorful coat! I have gotten countless compliments on my bright yellow coat but I realized I receive them the most when it’s gross outside. I feel like I’m bringing around a little bit of sunshine when I wear this coat. 

2. Embrace it 

Sometimes it can be really nice to just embrace the ‘hygge’ culture and snuggle up next to a cat (or a dog/person/whatever). I can get stir crazy if I do it for too long (i.e. this pas long weekend) but it can be nice to pop on a movie (or the Olympics!) and settle in for the night. 

3. Get those Endorphins flowing 

I haven’t been the best about this one but one thing I am really trying to do is workout every day! I know how much working out helps me whether it be my mental health, sleep, or just feeling good in general. It is especially important in the winter. 

 4. Plan a trip (or a move/change) 

I’m currently working on this step but I realized the importance of this step last year. I was feeling a little stuck so I decided to find a cheap place to go for a week in Spring so I could have something to look forward to! 

5. Catch up with friends 

I often find myself being quite the recluse when it comes to winter. But one thing that really helps is getting out and seeing friends! 

6. Drink a lot of water!

I’m really bad about this but sometimes I forget you can be dehydrated in the colder months (oops). I guess because I don’t sweat or anything, I forget I need to drink a lot of water. But I try and drink 3-4 liters of water per day and it makes all the difference! It really helps with my mood and overall my physical self. 

*Everything in this outfit is thrifted*

What are you doing to beat the winter blues? 

Let me know in the comments!




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