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Taking Risks


Obviously, I’ve been really feeling the vintage vibes lately with my sartorial choices. It will always be one of my favorite styles and one I grab the most inspiration from. I often try and think of how to define my style but in reality, I just don’t think there is one definition! Some days I dress vintage and feminine and some days I dress very dapper and androgynously. It all just depends on my mood. 

I used to think I had to have a signature style as a style blogger but I think that is one of my most fun parts of this blog. It allows me to take risks with my clothing choices. For example, I hardly ever wear lipstick but for this shoot, I thought it would be especially appropriate to throw some on! I wouldn’t say I’m the most comfortable in it day-to-day but it was fun for this shoot. 

This is another dress I picked up from Thredup. It’s originally from Topshop so I’m really happy I was able to pick it up for so cheap! I have been really into polka dots lately and this dress is exactly what I was looking for.  

I paired it with some of my all-time favorite winter accessories. I definitely don’t wear this hat enough. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed wearing it on a day-to-day basis (like lipstick!) but maybe this shoot has inspired me to take more day-to-day risks. 

Dress: ThredUp 

Sweater: Thrifted (gap)

Hat: Gift 

Shoes: Target 

What style risks have you taken recently? 

Let me know in the comments! 

PS – I’ve almost hit 100 on youtube! Help a girl out? 



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