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Welcome to Lee Thrifts 2.0!

I knew when I started blogmas that I wanted to get a new blog template. So, I finally put it up last night and I’m really happy with it! I still have a few things to tweak (the sidebar is giving me some trouble….) but overall, I think it’s a nice little refresh since I’ve started blogging reguarly again. Maybe one day I’ll spring for a custom blog design but for now, this will do. 

So, about these pictures!! 

Last weekend a few friends of mine and I went to a Chinese Lantern festival. I wasn’t even planning on having a blog post about it but I took my real camera and we had too much fun taking goofy pictures with all the lights. It was also really fun to 1) have other people be my models (Jacqueline, in the photos) and 2) have someone else take the photos for once!! I take all of my blog content myself so it can be really time-consuming and it was a nice break to get someone else to haha. 

I know I featured this red coat last week (HERE) but I really haven’t stopped wearing it since it’s gotten colder! I’d say I’ve definitely gotten my cost per wear out of this coat already! I mean, for $5 how can you go wrong?? 

I’ve noticed a lot of my winter wardrobe is red lately. Or at least it’s got hints of red. Maybe I’ll do a red lookbook soon… (mental note to self!!) 

My scarf was a gift and it is the warmest and fuzziest scarf so it’s perfect for chilly evenings spent outside! My boots are a few years old from Target but they are still going strong.  

Photos by Me & Chelly. 

What do you think of my new blog design? 

Let me know in the comments!




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