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Learning to be Proud

I think I have a new favorite location for blog photos. I was wandering around looking for a quiet place, near me, that I could take photos and not look like a crazy person with my tripod! There are some office buildings across my apartment complex so I decided to traipse into the back of them (as all sane people do, right??). Turns out, there are a lot of woods! Even some strange path that leads to more woods? I don’t get it but I’m not complaining. 

My specifications for photo locations are fairly simple but hard to come by. Mostly they just need to be secluded. Most people in my real life don’t know about my blog so I don’t feel all that comfortable dragging my tripod/camera across town and possibly running into people I know. It’s totally crazy because I have some of the most supportive friends ever and I know they would think it’s cool or at least be supportive of it! 

It’s silly and I should get over it! My blog should be something I’m proud of, right? Not something to hide. But part of me still feels like this whole thing is so superficial and silly sometimes. But it sure does make me happy. I feel accomplished even if I don’t have many folks reading/engaging with my content right now. I still dream of this (and other freelance work) becoming my full-time career and I want to make it happen. I think that is partially why I’m trying #blogmas because I want to really challenge myself on this platform. I want it to become something I’m happy with again, which might also mean a facelift for Lee Thrifts! We’ll see where the month brings me… 

 Dress: Thrifted 

Shoes: Payless

Tights: Target (old)

Vest: Thrifted 

This turned into a bit of a rant! 

Do people in your life know about your blog? 

Let me know in the comments!




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