What to wear in 100+ degrees

I was hoping we would escape the boiling 100+ degree heat (37 c) this year but alas… we didn’t. This past week has been pretty brutal. So, this dress is pretty much the only thing I want to wear! It’s flowy, comfortable, and pretty thin. Perfect for this time of year (hell let’s be real here). 

I mentioned in my last post that I did quite a lot of thrifting a few weekends ago. This dress was one of my finds and I love it. It was actually in the shirt section of goodwill so I got it for only $3.50! What a steal considering it’s an Alice x UO (urban outfitters) collaboration! This was a piece I considered selling but it’s just so comfy! 

To beat the heat,  I woke up pretty early on Saturday morning and shot these by my apartment complex. I think I’ve finally found my groove with blogging again. 1 – 2 posts a week is so much more manageable and better for my crazy schedule right now! Starting in August, I’ll be taking a sign language class at the local university here and I am so excited! I’m taking a casual one right now but I really like it so I’m going to continue learning. 

I also added a new addition to my household so you’ll have to wait and hear about that one… but let’s just say she is cute and fluffy!! I actually have a lot of exciting content coming your way in the next few weeks. Hooray for feeling inspired again! But anyways… 

Dress: Thrifted (very similar)

Shoes: Converse 

What do you like to wear in this heat? 





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