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New and Vintage

Things have been a little quiet around here. My weekends lately have been filled with family visiting, day trips around the state, and lots of running! I’m training for my first 25k at the end of this month (!) so most of my Saturday’s lately have been taken up with long runs (10+ miles). I think my 25k will be pretty difficult considering it’s in the middle of the summer (in Arkansas!) in the dark!! But hopefully, it will be fun? 

Thankfully, I carved out some time early on Sunday morning to take some outfit photos!

The reason I mentioned my weekends though has to do with this outfit! On Friday I saw the band Little Tybee. They’re an Atlanta-based band with a whole lot of sound! Whenever I see a smaller band like this, I love to support them by either buying a CD or t-shirt. It was a really intimate show so we got to chat with the band afterward. It was fun to chat about Atlanta and some of the bands I know there. Plus, they had t-shirts in x-smalls! That never happens. 

My shoes are new as well. I’ve come to realize that thrift store shoes probably aren’t cutting it anymore… every single pair of shoes I own right now is falling apart! It’s a problem because finding shoes in my size is so hard. But I found these in the kids’ section of Target. They make me feel like a ballerina, which is always fun! 

Shirt: Little Tybee Band t-shirt (not online) 

Skirt: Vintage 

Shoes: Target 

How was your weekend? 

Let me know in the comments! 




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