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The Pros and Cons of Beauty Boxes

I’ve been getting some subscription beauty boxes for a few months now so I thought I’d talk about some of the pros and cons of these subscriptions services. I’m also thinking of doing a post next week on some products I’ve been loving from my various boxes. 

Right now, I’m receiving a Sephora PLAY box each month ($10) and a Birchbox (also $10). The birchbox subscription was a gift but I really love it!  

This came in my most recent Sephora Play box and I am obsessed 


1. You get to try products you wouldn’t normally try. 

This is a big one for me. I love getting to try so many different products! I’ve been able to create a pretty great skincare routine from my samples. 

2. Some of the products are full-size, which makes the price definitely worth it! 

Even if the products aren’t full size, I still can get quite a lot of use out of most of them. So, I find the price to be really worth it. 

3. I love getting mail. So, getting a surprise package each month is awesome. 

The shipping is really, really fast so when they send me an email saying it’s shipped I normally get it within two days. It’s also fun because they come at different times of the month so I’m always in for a surprise! 

4. You get skincare, haircare, and makeup!

I love the variety I get each month. I’ve gotten to try some really nice dry shampoos, face masks, and so many beauty products! 

5. You customize the boxes to your skin tone, hair type/color, etc

This really helps if they send you a bb cream or something as they know what will look best with your skin tone. 


1. Sometimes you get products you’ll never use. 

For example, in my Sephora box last month I got this brown-nude lipstick and it looked awful on me. So, that’s a product I’ll never use… Or when they include lipgloss?? No, thank you! I try and give them away if I know I’ll never use it. 

2. They (for some odd reason) ALWAYS include a highlighter 

Which is a good and bad thing, honestly. I now have a huge collection of highlighters to choose from every day. 

4. You’ll want to invest in some pretty expensive products. 

Like I mentioned in the pros, I’ve got a pretty good skincare routine down right now. But I am dreading the day when my samples run out and I have to buy the full size.

5. Sometimes you get duplicates 

I don’t know what it is but with the Sephora PLAY box, I’ve gotten a few duplicates of products. I also get products that are crazy similar from the previous month. I’ve gotten two shimmery cream eyeshadows (which isn’t really bad because hello! they are stunning). 

Do you get any subscription beauty boxes? 

Let me know in the comments! 




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