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Millennial Pink

So, apparently, there is now a fad called Millennial Pink. And I guess you could say, I really dig it. I didn’t really realize it was such a popular color until I was reading a blog and they mentioned it. I’ve had this shirt for around three years and I’d say it’s a perfect example of millennial pink. I’m actually pretty surprised this shirt has held up the last three years. It’s originally from Primark but I thrifted it while living in Ireland. 

Does this mean that most millennials like this color? I don’t really get the point of millennial pink but I guess since I am a millennial and I do like this color, I am part of the fad? or trend? whatever. I mean just look at my blog theme! Covered in the color and I didn’t even realize it was a thing up until last week!

 I wouldn’t even consider myself a really girly person, especially right now. It’s weird because whenever I look at my dresses (or wear them!) they don’t fee like me? At least right now. I’m sure that will change but I’ve been pretty much living in pants the past few months. 

I’d say this outfit is one of my most typical for work these days. I’ve actually had these trousers for a pretty long time but I’ve never featured them on the blog! They are really comfortable so, that is awesome for work! And I know, I know. I’ve featured this black vest about a million times. But it goes with everything!!

What do you think about Millennial pink? 

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