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No More Modcloth for Me

I read a lot of blogs, most of which are fashion blogs. As you’ve probably come to notice, I get most of my clothes (about 90%) from the thrift store. So when a fashion blog is promoting going out and buying some fast fashion and even saying a $60 shirt is a “good price” – you can see my hesitation when it comes to buying what other bloggers are wearing. I like to admire what they’re wearing and hope I can find something similar in a thrift store. 

Except for one time. Most of you probably know the blog A Clothes Horse. Well, one day I was perusing her blog and she was wearing this bird shirt. I love a good animal printed shirt so I bit the bullet and bought it off Modcloth, which makes this shirt a bit bittersweet. I’m sure you’ve all heard that Modcloth was bought by (AKA Walmart!) so I really don’t feel the desire to shop there anymore. 

This shirt was actually my first purchase from Modcloth. I’ve always admired their clothes and lusted after a lot of pieces but never wanted to spend the money. But I am really happy I got this shirt back in December or so. I also participated in their latest Stylish Surprise (which I’ll be posting about next week hopefully) so, I’m pretty disappointed in their choice to sell the company to Walmart. I know a lot of other people are as well. While I can *kind of* understand why they did it, it just seems like they should have looked at their clientele. A lot of people will take their money elsewhere – myself included with the changes.  

It’s not too terrible for me because I don’t shop there often but I did enjoy posting my outfits on the Style Gallery. It’s also where I looked to get people quirky presents but alas – I’ll be taking my online shopping elsewhere. 

Jacket: Thrifted (old)
Shirt: Modcloth
Skirt: H&M 
Shoes: Thrifted 

How do you feel about Modcloth being sold? 
Let me know in the comments!




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