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Welcome to the New Year + Goals

The new year is finally upon us! 

I’m not normally one for setting resolutions but I have a few “goals” you could say for 2017. Some are daily and some are more long-term but I thought I’d share them with you! Plus, this will give me a good way to look back on these goals from time to time. 

1. Set aside time to write everyday 

I used to write slam poetry a lot in college and for some reason when I graduated I stopped writing. I recently picked up Sarah Kay’s book No Matter the Wreckage, which has been really inspiring in terms of creating my own work again. She’s one of my main inspirations when it comes to poetry. So, whether I write for 10 minutes or an hour I just want to write something. It doesn’t have to be shared – just write anything I’m feeling. 

2. Unplug and read more books 

I’ve definitely gotten better about this since getting rid of my instagram but I am thinking about unplugging around 9pm at night and just reading. I used to go to bed every night reading books and I don’t know why I stopped. 

3. Write more letters 

These all seem to be things I used to love doing but I used to write a lot of letters. I love receiving and sending mail so I want to make more of a point of sending more letters/art/poems/whatever. I have a lot of friends who live very far away and I want to keep in contact with them! If you’d like to be pen pals – hit me up! I LOVE new pen pals! 

4. Figure out where I want to move 

This is the biggest goal but I’ve been really struggling on the next step in my life. I’ve applied to grad school but I still have some other options that could be happening in 2017! It’s hopefully going to be an exciting year so we’ll see where it takes me! 

5. Run a marathon (or at least start training for one!) 

I need to get my health in check first but I really want to run a marathon. I was planning on running one in March but I’ve had some medical issues come up that make training a bit difficult… so, hopefully by the end of year that will be cleared up! 

6. Get back into blogging 

I miss blogging. I really do. I want to find my passion for it again this winter. 

What are your goals for the year? 

Let me know in the comments! 




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