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Wishing I Were Home

For Thanksgiving I had quite a difficult time getting home. Apparently Christmas is going to be no different. 

It’s Christmas eve and I’m currently stranded at the airport. On Thanksgiving I was flying out the Wednesday evening before and my flight got cancelled. I ended up getting to Atlanta at 3am, sleeping at the airport, and catching another flight at 8am. It was pretty horrendous, to be honest. 

This time there is another plane malfunction (seriously???) so my flight’s been delayed for a few hours. So. Here I am writing a blog post! I normally don’t have this much trouble with flights but for some reason this holiday season has not been on my side! Normally, my travel stories end with a happy ending that I get a lot of free airline miles or something but no such luck recently. 

I took some photos inside yesterday because I felt like getting some blog content done but it was raining. I am excited to visit some of my old blog photo locations from when I started this blog. I’m excited for a lot of things in the upcoming week. No work, lots of running, good food, family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time! It should be really relaxing. 

Sweater: Vintage 

Shirt, Skirt, and Shoes: Thrifted 

Tights: Forever 21

What’s your worst travel story? 

Happy holidays! 




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