From Fine Art to Fashion Photography

I’ve mentioned a few times that in 2015 I graduated with a degree in photography. Well, technically it was “Studio Art” so I took a lot of different art classes from drawing to printmaking but the majority of my work was in photography.

My friend Alice suggested I write about going from fine art photography to now – fashion photography, which is such a difference.

I’m very proud of the work I made in college – at least my senior year. When I started taking photography my sophomore year I started experimenting with self-portraits. It became a really important way for me to figure myself out while also being creative. At first, I made self-portraits just about my general life. I then moved onto some very experimental color work while I was living and producing work in Greece.

But the work I’m most proud of is the series of images from my Senior Thesis. I thought I’d share a few of them as well as my artist statement. 

My artist statement: 

this series of autobiographical self-portraits I attempted to explore visually
what “self” means as an identical twin. Experiencing every developmental stage
of life with another person who is experiencing the exact developmental stage
at the same time makes the idea of self more convoluted.  For much of my life, I felt as though many
people grouped my twin sister and me together. Growing up, it was strange to
look into a mirror and see myself peering back. It was automatically assumed
that I was the exact replica of my twin sister, Laura, and that she was mine.
When we were separated physically for college, it took me a long time to figure
out who I was as an individual without her there. I realize, in some ways, our
sense of self can never be considered without the other.

I use mirrors, reflections, and shadows as a
metaphor for the feelings I have experienced of not always knowing my own
identity and also having to take into account someone else when I do think
about my own identity. I set up these images but I also use found reflections,
shadows, and mirrors. I am inspired by my surroundings. But for this series in
particular, my twin sister, who is the one person who can truly understand the
feeling of not always knowing who you are without it being based on someone
else, also inspires me.

When I graduated from University back in 2015 I needed to find some way to continue taking photographs. I also wanted a way to take photographs that had less meaning. I wanted photography to be fun again. So, I started this blog. It has definitely been a hard transition from the photography I used to do but I do really enjoy it.

This was a bit of a long post but I hope you enjoyed it! I want to start incorporating more of my interests and my life in this blog and this seemed like a good start. 




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