Finally Autumn Has Arrived

I woke up really early on Sunday morning to take these photos. I was so excited because the light was perfect and then… I realized my camera remote was out of battery! I wish I could have just zoomed back to my apartment and grabbed some batteries but I biked to this park, which is kind of far from my place. So I made due with what I had! 

 I tried my best to get some shots but when you’re used to shooting self-portraits with a remote it’s hard to go back. So, I apologize these aren’t my best. It happens. But I do really like my outfit. 

I’m also feeling much better than I did last week. It’s finally getting colder, the leaves are changing, and I’m running faster and better than ever before. I’m even thinking of signing up for a marathon in March! I’ve done a half marathon before so why not try the whole thing? I forgot how good I feel in the fall and winter. It’s a good feeling. I’m still stressing about grad schools and whatnot but I’m going to focus on the positive things. At least I’m going to try. 

I don’t have too much to say today so I’ll keep this one short. 

Dress: Kohl’s (old) 

Tights: Urban outfitters 

Hat: Handmade 

Shoes: Payless 

How is your week going so far? 




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