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Feeling Like a Fake

This post is a bit late… but alas. I’m sitting in the airport so I thought I should at least try and get this post up before things get too crazy for me. 

Sometimes I feel like a fake on this blog. I wish I had the time to go out and shoot the outfit I wore that day but it just doesn’t happen like that for me. When you shoot all your own photos you have to plan when (and where!) you’re going to take them. It’s hard. So, sometimes I just think about an outfit I’d love to wear but haven’t for some reason and shoot that. Unlike my blog might suggest, I don’t wear makeup everyday. I don’t normally wear dresses in the woods. It sure does feel nice to get dressed up sometimes. 

But this outfit is not a pre-planned outfit. Last weekend I spent a considerable amount of time in a coffee shop working away on ~the future~ and I needed something comfortable. This outfit has pretty much become my fall uniform. It’s simple, comfortable and something I feel good in. I go through phases with jeans and pants and right now, I am loving them. 

 I want to show my most  authentic self here but sometimes it doesn’t feel “blogger worthy” or interesting, which I suppose is why I couldn’t post an outfit post everyday. If this were my full-time job I definitely could but it’s not. And sometimes I wear the same dress once a week haha. 

I’ve also been running a lot more as of late (which I’ve mentioned) so I’ve been putting in a lot less effort with what I look like because I know I’m just going to change and get super sweaty. It’s especially hard to want to put on makeup or nice clothes on the weekend because I’m just wearing running clothes or something simple like the outfit here. It’s also strange because some of my friends only know me as a runner so they only see me in those types of clothes. Or some friends only know me at work so they only see me in my work clothes. It’s good to have a lot of different sides to your personality but it’s also weird because I feel like I’m (unintentionally) hiding part of who I am. 

Do you ever feel like a fake? 

Let me know what you think in the comments! 




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