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a Walk in the Woods

I’ve had these photos sitting on my hard drive for about two weeks now. After the election I didn’t want to use these photos for my return BUT I really like these photos. My dear friend Lauren from The Chic-Ethique took them after we got coffee one afternoon. Whenever I get together with Lauren and Brynna it feels really natural. I feel like we’ve been friends for a lot longer than a few months. 

We grabbed coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops in town and then headed to a park just down the road. I discovered this park on my hiking meetup (see the post: Here). It’s pretty secluded, quiet, and has tons of trails to explore! I love that it’s in the middle of the city too. Such a cool concept. I thought the entrance was really far away but turns out there are entrances all over! 

In all honesty, I’m having a really hard time balancing everything in my life right now. I work full time, run this blog, started training for a marathon AND am applying to grad schools! I took a day off for myself on Sunday, which was really nice considering my thanksgiving is going to be a bit crazy in terms of travel. I thought I had a really good system for blogging and working full-time but now I’ve added so many other things into the mix…. and now I have a social life?? It’s hard, y’all. I just wish I had more time to work on this space. 

 How do you handle it all? 




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