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Get Out There

I noticed last week that I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to figure out my new plan or my “next step”. But that means I haven’t really been trying to experience life here, you know? I’ve spent so much of my time thinking of how to get out of here when I needed to be trying to make myself feel not so distressed. I’ve lived in my current city since January. I lived with a roommate for the first half of the year but now that I live alone I’ve been really trying to meet new people. 

So, I went to my first meet up. It went okay. 

If you’re not familiar with the website Meetup, it’s basically a website where other people make groups/outings based on interests and it’s a way to “supposedly” meet other people like you. I’ve been a member of the site for a while but only went to my first meetup this weekend. There were supposed to be quite a few people for this hiking meetup but it ended up only being me and two middle-aged men. So, not the best way to make new friends…. But it was a really pretty hike! I also found a way to bike there, which is exciting. I can’t wait to take blog photos there. 

I also started volunteering at a hostel in my town, which also isn’t the best way to meet new people… no one comes to the hostel! So, I’m trying to meet new people and get out there but it just doesn’t feel like it’s working. I guess it’s just something that will take time. I wish I could skip ahead to the part where I have some good friends here already, haha. 

Hat: Gift (v. similar here!)
Blazer: Thrifted (Here is a cool velvet one: Old Navy
Shirt: Thrifted 
Skirt: Thrifted 
Shoes: Thrifted 

Have you ever been to a meetup?
Let me know in the comments!




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