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Birthday Beauty Freebies

Marc Jacobs lipstick sephora

Some of you may have seen this post already…. 

Blogger somehow reverted my post back to a draft and DELETED the text?? I still don’t know how it happened because it showed up on bloglovin as posted! So weird.

ANYWAYS – I got some free beauty products just because it was my birthday. Thanks Ulta and Sephora!  So, if you sign up for Ulta and Sephora’s reward programs you can get some free beauty products!

At Ulta you can get a free (FULL SIZE) eyeshadow in “Midnight Cowgirl.” It’s a pretty champagne color but guys – the fallout is ridiculous! I get glitter all over my face and I really have no idea how! So, I’m a little disappointed by this product as these are supposed to be really awesome eyeshadows. 

marc jacobs lipsick

At Sephora, you have two choices for your birthday gift. You can either get a mini skincare set (I can’t remember the brand…) or a mini Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner! The lipstick is in the shade “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” It’s a really nice berry color that I can’t wait to wear this fall. And let me tell you – the lasting power is incredible! I drank lots of water (and ate a bagel!) and it didn’t budge!! The eyeliner however…. smudge city! But that’s not saying too much. Most eyeliners smudge of me for some reason. I don’t even have oily eyelids! 


Let me know what you think in the comments! 





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