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What to wear when the A.C is freezing!

It can be such a struggle when you’re trying to dress for the heat but then you realize your office, bus, etc is blasting the air conditioning and you’re left without a sweater! This happened to me a lot in the beginning of the summer but thankfully I have now learned to bring a jacket wherever I go! 

That’s where this little lightweight sweater comes in.  It’s very compact so I can throw it in the smallest of bags but it covers me up enough that I don’t freeze on the bus or in my office. This sweater is also really nice when I go to work because I tend to wear a lot of neutrals so it pretty much goes with everything! 

I realized this weekend that there is an empty office building (creepy) right by my apartment! So, I am very excited to keep shooting here. So, expect to see this location a few times in the future! It’s always nice to find new places to shoot – especially ones I don’t have to bike/walk a mile to get to. 

Let me know what you think in the comments!
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