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the Lost Fashion Files

I’ve got something a little bit different for today’s post. 

I realized since started this blog a little over a year ago that I’ve taken a lot of outfit photos that haven’t made it on the blog for one reason or another. But I compiled the best and figured I’d show them to you! Most of them are from when I was living back in Georgia and unemployed but I have shot some since living in Arkansas I wasn’t totally happy with either. 

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM (which you should) you’ve probably seen some of these outfits. 

It’s always a little frustrating when I get back from a shoot and really hate 90% of what I shot. I have to plan when I take photos because it takes me a long time to walk/bike where ever I’m shooting, set up my camera, take photos, and walk/bike home. But it happens. We all have bad shooting days, I suppose. 

In other news, it hasn’t stopped raining here for 4 days (it’s not supposed to quit either!). It’s a little crazy. So, another damper in taking outfit photos? Rain. I’m not risking ruining my camera, sorry! Haha. 

So, there you have it! The lost fashion files. 
Let me know which one was your favorite! 





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