Gingham Pants and Camera mishaps

On Sunday I talked about my unfortunate experience I had while shooting some photos. I had another bad experience on this Sunday morning but a very different scenario. I woke up early, biked the two (very sweaty) miles to the park and was happily shooting away. Then all of the sudden I’d look through the viewfinder and it was black. I couldn’t see anything. I rushed home, took off the lens (thinking it was broken) and I looked inside and it looked like there was no mirror on the inside?? I was going into full fledged panic mode. 

 But it turns out the mirror somehow got bumped and flipped upwards?? It was so strange. My camera equipment has not been agreeing with me lately. So, there aren’t a ton of varied shots today either because I thought my camera was broken! My bad. 

I’ve been wanting to shoot at this lake for a long time too, which was unfortunate I didn’t get to shoot for long. I never shot here before because it’s pretty out in the open but you know what I need to stop caring if people think I’m weird for taking photos and just take them!! It was pretty quiet when I was there early in the morning so I plan on going back this weekend. 

Shirt: Vintage 

Pants: Thrifted (similar and on sale!) 

Shoes: Target 

Let me know what you think in the comments!





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