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Floral Dress and Loafers

On Thursday afternoon my boss surprised me by telling me I didn’t have to come in on Friday! So, I had an extra long weekend, which I’m not ready to end. I’ve spent much of it relaxing by the pool, thrifting, and seeing Finding Dory! It was amazing if you haven’t seen it already. I really wanted to get more blogging done than I did but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just enjoy doing nothing. It also doesn’t help that it’s been around 100 degrees (around 45 c) every day! I just don’t want to leave the house in the heat.

I am thinking about daily blogging in August or September though. That will really keep my butt into gear haha! Has anyone done it? 

For my outfit I went for some old favorites. My mom bought me this dress years ago and I remember thinking when I saw it that it was me personified in a dress. Ha! It’s seriously everything I want in a dress – florals, pleated, comfortable. I try and wear it as much as possible in the spring/summer because it’s the perfect dress for this time of year! 

For my shoes I went for my Bass loafers. I’ve mentioned these before but there is a really funny story behind them. I brought them home from the thrift store and showed my dad. He proceeded to go into his closet and grab a pair of the exact same shoes! He’s had them forever, which I thought was hilarious. One Christmas we both wore them and a maroon sweater. It was great. 


Dress: Gift 

Shoes: Bass 

Necklace/Watch: Gift 

Have you seen Finding Dory? 

Let me know what you think in the comments! 





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