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Getting Creative

I’ve been gone for a while. I’m sorry. It was unintentional. 

But y’all. It’s been REALLY hot here. I mean – really, really hot. With the heat index, it’s been around 115 f (around 46 c!!!!) everyday. I hate it. You walk outside and can’t breathe. Honestly, I’m shocked by how hot it is here. I’ve lived in Arkansas for four years but before now I’ve never spent a summer here. And I’m from Georgia where it is also very hot and humid but it just feels so much worse here. 

Anyways, the point of that was to say I just can’t bring myself to lug all of my camera stuff outside recently. Plus I moved this weekend (!) and I’m trying to figure out some new places close by I can shoot at. So, I shot inside! I hated these photos but then I remembered why photoshop existed. 

I had a lot of fun editing these. The thing about blogging is that I always feel full of ideas. It’s such a nice feeling. When I was in school and thinking about becoming a “fine artist” as my life choice one of my biggest worries was if I had enough ideas to make art that meant something all the time. What if I ran out of ideas? What would I do then? But with blogging my brain feels full again with creativity. I might never tell my friends who were in my photography program about my blog but it makes me feel creative again. That’s all that matters. 

Dress & Necklace: Thrifted 

Shoes: Target (similar)

What do you think of this new style?
Let me know what you think in the comments!





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