The Bolivia Backpack

I’m wearing a pretty plain outfit but the real standout of this post is my new backpack! My sister recently went to Bolivia for her job and got me the coolest backpack ever! I wanted to pair it with something pretty plain so it was the main focus. It’s actually becoming a daily staple for me. My computer for work fits in it perfectly! It’s also got some really handy pockets for my wallet/bus pass/etc. I thought after I graduated college I’d graduate from using a backpack but I can’t seem to let it go… they are just so handy! This one has definitely become my everyday bag. 

So thanks so much to Laura for picking this up for me.

As for my outfit – high waisted shorts are becoming my latest obsession. I’ve accumulated quite a few pairs recently including these Ralph Lauren ones! I never thought I looked good in shorts but I’ve never owned a pair of high waisted ones until last summer. And they are such a game changer! I’ll definitely be wearing this white pair all summer long. I paired my white shorts/t-shirt with my favorite brown thrifted belt. It’s nice to break things up a little, I think. 

I also decided to try a ‘white on white’ look, which I actually really like how it turned out! It felt really fresh although I was pretty terrified of getting something on my clothes all day!

Shorts: Thrifted similar

Shirt: Thrifted similar

Shoes: Target (old)

Backpack: Gift 

What’s your everyday bag? 

Let me know what you think in the comments!





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