Moving + a peek inside

I’ve moved a lot the past few years. Sure, I moved back to where my college was each year/semester but I always moved to a new apartment. It always felt a little different coming back. And during the summers I would find work in various places like Wyoming and Dublin, Ireland. This is the first time I’ve stayed someone for a consecutive six months and it feels a little bit strange. I’m ready for a trip home, which thankfully will be happening in a few weeks. 

In just a little over a month I’ll be moving (just down the street from where I live now!) But the really exciting aspect is it’s my first place by myself!  I’m really excited to have a space I can decorate and call my own. It does freak me out a little because this is the longest I will have lived somewhere in about 5 years! I signed a year lease so I’ll at least be in the city I’m in for another year. 

I wanted to use this post as a little peak inside my current room. Plus, it is getting insanely hot here – over 100 degrees! I just couldn’t take photos outside. 

(lol I know my photos are crooked. It happens)

 Are you more of a nomad like me or do you like to stay in one place?
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