I’ve never really been into wearing pink… until recently. I don’t know what it is but I seem to be gravitating to it more. It’s definitely creeping its way into my closet. But it’s also pretty fun to see how I can incorporate some menswear into my more feminine looks!

I thrifted these shorts a few weeks ago and I’m pretty much obsessed with them. I have the hardest time finding shorts because I’m so short and I don’t like my shorts to be too short, you know? But I found these at goodwill and they fit like a dream! Loose, comfortable, and long enough – everything I wanted. I also find high-waisted shorts much more flattering on me – unlike high waisted pants, which look ridiculous on my tiny frame!

Maybe I was hesitant to wear pink for so long because I wasn’t really wearing what I wanted to wear. For so long I’ve admired vintage styles and styles I just didn’t think I could pull on in general. But I want to be adventurous with my style. I want to try new things and see what I love. I want to wear what I like and not what I think I should be wearing because of what people might think, which I know sounds silly because I should be over that phase. But even when I started wearing makeup (a year or so ago) people started to commit on it and it made me uncomfortable. But I shouldn’t care! If I like it – I want to wear it. So for right now I’m embracing my feminine side with pink shorts and bows on my shirt. 

But of course I couldn’t go all feminine with my look… had to add my trusty loafers! (which i found out on Saturday are getting a hole in them! I will be devastated when they break) I can confidently say you won’t see me wearing many heels on this blog ever! 

Shirt: Thrifted 

Shorts: Thirfted

Shoes: Thrifted 

This post turned a little bit more serious than I was planning but alas – 

Let me know what you think! 





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