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Maybe it’s all the famous bloggers I follow on Instagram going on incredible trips to Greece and maybe it’s the weather warming up but either way, I am dying to go to the beach. But alas, I don’t have enough time off yet with my new job and I’m in a landlocked state. Plus, living in a much smaller city makes it incredibly difficult to get places without a car. 

 I might miss living in Ireland the most when it comes to traveling. I could hop on a bus and be in Northern Ireland in two hours! The buses came ever 10-15 minutes! Now I have to plan my day according to the bus schedule because they only come every 45 minutes. I was planning over memorial day weekend to visit some friends about three hours away but on the Greyhound it would take 13 hours??? As someone with a major case of wanderlust, this kind of none sense drives me insane. But I have a good job and like my new city so might as well wear a palm printed dress and spend my days wishing I was oceanside. 

As for my outfit, I’ve got a new denim jacket for my ever growing collection. I thrifted this one over the weekend and it still had the tags on it! It was originally from Forever 21 so I was pretty pleased with my find. I’ve been looking for a light wash denim jacket and this one is perfect. The fit is a little baggier than my other denim jackets so it gives it something a little different. 

I picked up my dress a few months ago as a “I got a job!” present from Forever 21. It wasn’t much of a splurge as it was around 12$ but I’ve been looking for a palm printed dress for ages. I know I’ll wear it tons this summer as it’s so breezy and comfortable. 

Dress: Forever 21 

Jacket: Thrifted (similar

Shoes: Target similar

Do you have any fun holidays/vacations planned this summer? 

Let me know what you think in the comments!




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