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I haven’t done a style inspiration post in a few months and I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I read about a lot of copy write issues people have had but I think these screen shots will be okay – plus I’m talking about how much I love this show!

One of my favorite shows to date is a Canadian Drama: Bomb Girls. I originally found it through Netflix but it aired on Global TV in Canada. The show is based around 4 women working in a munitions factory during WWII. While men went off to war, the women built the bombs! This show has everything I could want – strong female leads (feminism at its best!), perfect 40s fashion, and a little bit of history thrown in there. 

While working in the factory, the girls wear white jumpsuits and blue scarves to cover their hair. And they still look amazing doing it! I’m thinking about making a video tutorial on how to do it yourself but we’ll see. 

When not working, most of the girls wear casual fit-and-flare dresses with the most adorable collars ever. But some of the characters (Betty and Gladys) can be spotted sporting some really awesome high-waisted flared trousers. (or the awesome jumpsuit gladys wear below!) This show really is the wardrobe of my dreams. Think lots of silk scarves, collars, button-ups and adorable shirt dresses. And lots of red lipstick! 

I’m thinking about doing a post on each girl and focusing on their individual styles as they all have such unique ways of dressing. But I wanted to do an over view as I’ve been rewatching the show recently and forgot how much I love the style!

Let me know what you think in the comments!





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