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Recent beauty buys + First Impressions

Beauty isn’t something that shows up on my blog a lot but I like to talk about it from time to time because it’s a hobby I’ve been getting more interested in the past year. So, today I thought I’d talk about some of my recent beauty buys! Some of these items I’ve tried for a while and some I recently picked up so I haven’t had much time to try them out but I wanted to talk about them anyways! 

Definitely one of my favorite things I’ve picked up recently has been the Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘Inked in Pink.’ It’s a shimmery light pink cream eyeshadow and I love it! It lasts all day and gives my eyes the perfect natural sparkle. You can also build it up if you want a more intense color payoff. Overall, the color tattoos are amazing and definitely worth the hype. I know I’ve talked about Bad to the Bronze too many times so I was so excited to pick up another one!

Another product I picked up was the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden lights. I picked this up on a whim because Ulta had a 5$ off coupon of 15$ and I was picking up some shampoo anyways. So, I thought I’d try out this highlighter since it was pretty much free! To be honest, it’s not the best for my skin tone. I saw later that this particular highlighter is better for medium to dark skin tones. Oh, well! It still adds a glow but I would like to try some of the other shades.

Recently, I thought I’d lost my favorite lipstick by Rimmel (but I found it in a coat pocket!) so I picked up a new one. This is a Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in shade 08. It’s a nice dark nude and perfect for everyday. 

These next two products I have tried out for a while. The first being the Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara from Tarte. I bought it because my Clinique mascara was running out and Ulta was having a huge sale on it! First or all, I love that it’s cruelty-free. It’s definitely a lengthening mascara as opposed to volume. I think I still prefer the Clinique High impact just because it gives a good balance of volume and length but this one is still really good. It lasts all day, which is always a plus. 

Another product I picked up recently was the EcoTools brow kit. I really only bought it for the brow brush, which is really great. But it also came with a dual-ended brow filling in brush, which I actually use for eyeshadow since I don’t fill in my brows. I’ve always been impressed with EcoTools products and these don’t disappoint! 

The last few products were actually given to me from my mom. It’s the last Clinique free gift set, which are always pretty nice to have. It came with an eyeshadow/blush set, which will be fun to play around with. I’ve never used silver eyeshadows so we’ll see how this goes!

 It came with two different moisturizers – the dramatically different moisturizer and the ‘Smart night’ cream. I’ve tried the moisturizer before and really like it. This is the perfect size for travel. I’ve been testing out the night cream the past few nights and it’s really nice as well. It’s lightweight and fragrance free! The free gift also came with the high impact mascara, which I have raved about so many times. It also came with a nude lipstick but sadly, it looks TERRIBLE on me. It makes it look like I don’t have lips haha! It’s a little freaky. But this free gift did come with the cutest little bag! I just love the inside. 

This was a bit of a longer post but I’ve collected quite a few new products over the past few months. 

As always – let me know what you think in the comments!

Have you tried any of these products? 





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