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Going back to my roots

I love taking creative, beautiful images in the parks and random areas of my city. But sometimes time doesn’t allow for me to do that. And it’s sometimes nice to go back to your roots – at least my roots when it comes to blogging. A white wall. So simple but I think in some instances it can be really important. Should we look at my first month of blogging back in July? Let’s not – but I did use the brick wall of my house as a backdrop. 

Thankfully, this white wall is tucked away at the bottom of a parking garage near my apartment complex. I’m always a little worried someone is going to come and ask me what in the world I’m doing but so far no one has questioned me. Plus, I think I’e gotten over that fear a little bit. I’m not going to let people passing by defer me from getting the photos I want for this blog! 

As for my outfit, I thought I’d bring back this stunning embroidered jacket I thrifted forever ago. It’s from the brand “Johnny Was,” which I’d never heard of till I picked up this jacket. Turns out it’s a pretty expensive brand! I paired with my favorite pair of jeans at the moment from Madewell. These are seriously the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn! I never thought I could pull off flares but I am loving them. 

For shoes I thought I’d go for a new pair of heels I thrifted. I’m not a heels wearer but I loved how they looked with this outfit! And they’re super comfortable so maybe I’ll try to wear them out and about more often. 

Jeans: Madewell – thrited (similar)

Jacket – thrifted (similar)

Heels – thrifted (similar

If you have a blog do you mind if people see you taking photos? 

Let me know what you think in the comments! 





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