10 Travel Safety Tips

I realized through writing the packing tips for Lindsey’s blog a while ago (here) that I really enjoy writing tips for you guys! I also want to be able to incorporate more travel posts into my blog even if I’m not currently traveling all over the world like I wish I was! 

So, I’m teaming up with Simpli Safe who are all about making sure your house is safe when you’re gone (this isn’t sponsored – I’m not getting paid haha) to bring you guys some safety travel tips. 

1. Obvious but bring a lock! 

I like to stay in hostels when I travel (hi I am cheap) so locks are an essential when traveling. You can either use your lock for lockers in hostel or you could lock up your backpack while you’re on the road. 

2. Bring a purse that zips (and a flap over the zip!) 

It’s really easy for pickpocketers to grab valuables from your bag if your bag just has a clasp or a single zipper. So, on my last trip I got a bag that has a zipper as well as a flap on top of that so it’s really hard for people to get inside. It’s also a good idea to keep your bag in front of you.

3. Keep your passport with you 

This is a tip that some people agree with and some don’t. But I’m personally under the impression to keep your passport with you when you’re traveling unless you’re staying at a friend’s house and you can just leave it there. But I think your passport is a lot safer in a zipped compartment (on you) than in the hostel/hotel. And if you’re going from place to place you always want to keep your passport in your carry-on luggage in case your luggage gets stolen/lost/etc. I just like to know where my passport is at all times. 

4. Keep a copy of your passport in your suitcase 

On the other hand, keep a copy of your passport in your suitcase. You never know what will happen and it won’t hurt to carry one around. They take up no space in your bag so it’s not a burden to carry around.

5. Remember the address of your hotel/hostel! 

I was traveling through Turkey for a week with a group of girls from my study abroad class and we went to a local Bazaar. Bazaar’s are crazy, intricate, and confusing. It’s so easy to get lost. So, it’s so surprise that some girls on my trip got lost but they ended up not being able to find our hostel because they forgot the name and didn’t know what to tell people where they needed to go! So, definitely remember the name of where you’re staying and the address to avoid any huge mishaps like that. 

6. Don’t pull out tons of cash at a time 

I thought pulling out a lot of cash would save me money because of the exchange rate. But I found out the hard way that if it’s stolen, you’re out way more money than if you’d taken out smaller amounts of cash and suffered the exchange rate. 

7. Keep some cash in your locked suitcase 

Again, I learned this the hard way but I got pickpocketed in London and didn’t have any cash in my suitcase. So, I lost everything. But if you get pickpocketed at least you’ll have some cash in your suitcase. 

8. Check for bedbugs! 

This is SUCH an important tip especially if you’re staying in hostels. Check under the mattress when you first get there and don’t put your bags on the mattress just in case. Bedbugs travel with you so if you get them – you’ll bring them home! I haven’t had them but I’ve heard some horror stories. 

9. Don’t fall asleep on trains/buses/boats 

When I was living in Greece, I rode on a lot of ferries and boats especially from Athens to Paros. There are a lot of young child who are trained to pickpocket you on these ferries so it’s especially important to keep track of your stuff as much as you want to fall asleep on that 6 hour ferry. The same applies for trains, buses, any kind of transportation except maybe planes.   

10. Don’t put valuables in your pockets 

Another important point to avoid getting pickpocketed. It’s in the name of the thieves to begin with but make sure you don’t put your phone, wallet, etc in your pockets! 

So that’s it for my travel safety tips! Do you have any tips I didn’t mention? 

Let me know what you think in the comments down below!




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