Colorful Raingear!

As I’m writing this post, it is thundering and pouring rain outside. It’s been like this for days and you could say I’m pretty sick of it. But it also gives me a pretty good excuse to curl up in my bed and write blog posts, right? It’s definitely been an eventful week considering I started my first week of work, my apartment didn’t have water for 5 days (!), and I’m still trying to maintain a 3 days-a-week posting schedule for the blog. We’ll see how it goes but I’ve been pretty much dedicating my weekends to blogging. But I like it that way. 

 We had a little bit of sunshine yesterday but then it turned into a full blown tornado warning… what a day! Thankfully, rain gives me a reason to wear this awesome raincoat. I’ve had it since high-school but it’s held up so well since I’ve moved to the ‘tornado alley’ as they call it. I love to wear brighter colors on gloomier days. I’m also shocked by how well this umbrella has held up! I’ve had it for a few years and normally they break because of the wind here but this one from Target seems to get the job done. 

Top: Thrifted (similar)

Skirt: Thrifted 

Raincoat: Lands End (similar)

Boots: Target similar

Has it been raining much where you are? Let me know in the comments! 





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